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Weekend Update: JomSocial 4.4 Development Preview 2 With Chat System Enabled Has Dropped And It’s Awesome.


We have been working tirelessly to deliver a new and improved version of the inbox and turn it into the modern chat system. It was an overwhelming task that required a lot of code refactoring, improvements, and even solutions built from scratch as we couldn’t use the old technology upon inbox system was created.

In today’s update, i’d like to take the time and show you what have we’ve been working at for the past several weeks, so take a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the updates.

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Sneak peek of a new JomSocial “Flat” theme and revamped inbox in upcoming major release.

joomsocial preview

As we are entering the final stage of JomSocial 4.4 development, with ACL implementation already in place, and real-time chat instead of current inbox system, we are thrilled to announce another addition to already rich base of extensions and addons. This time, we are coming up with new theme for JomSocial 4, which will be compatible with all the new features that we are working on right now, and all the existing features from previous versions like Theme Designer.

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JomSocial 4.3.4 and Socialize 2.1.4 with Joomla! Update Notifications and over 30 fixes are now available!

jomsocial socialize released

After iJoomla Installer was discontinued, we made a promise to replace it with a native solution built-in into Joomla! Today, we are delivering this promise and introducing the Joomla! update notifications for JomSocial, Socialize, and all the extra modules and plugins too.

Also, we are bringing numerous fixes for all the bugs reported since the last release. For the full list of changes, please visit the changelog pages. You can find JomSocial’s changelog here and Socialize changelog is available here.

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