Road Map

JomSocial keeps getting better. Here's what's coming next.

Version 3.0 Now Available!

  • Responsive design - Front-end
  • Support for Joomla 3.X
  • Cover photos for events, profiles, groups
  • New avatars
  • Separate home page zones into new modules
  • Different default avatars and cover photos for men and women, based on gender field
  • New toolbar
  • Integration with JFBConnect
  • Tooltips for all fields on the backend (will be available on RC2)
  • New styling for pop-ups and buttons on front end

Version 3.1 Now Available!

  • Complete Bootstrap - Backend
  • Re-positioning of cover photos
  • Adding photos to stream on mobile
  • New admin cPanel and navigation tool bar

Version 3.2 Now Available!


  • New share box
  • Uploading multiple images
  • Location detection
  • Stream filtering by type
  • Moods & Emoticons
  • Stream auto-load
  • Add a “Like” link on stream module
  • Add “Report” link for specific items on the stream
  • Beter admin annoucements
  • "Like" to stream comments
  • Tagging
  • Allow users to change their privacy settings after posting
  • Share link to share inside the community
  • Parsing URLs inside posts and comments
  • Progress bar when uploading photos
  • Ability to not redirect after login/logout

Version 3.2.1 Now Available!


  • Moods when posting photos/videos
  • Choosing location when posting videos
  • Allow adding a photo in the comment
  • Support emoticons on comments of videos/albums/photos pages
  • Allow tagging on comments of videos/photos


  • Turn URLs to links automatically
  • Allow adding a photo in the message
  • Support emoticons in messages
  • Fetch URLs in messages


  • Allow admin to upload a the welcome image on backend

Version 4.0 Now Available!

  • Complete front-end re-design
  • Theme Designer
  • Searchable Hashtags
  • Modal windows for photos and videos
  • Videos open on the stream
  • New events/groups lists
  • Completely private groups and events
  • Improved usability
  • Search bars on top of the content
  • Add another field for plugin name to be used on the front end, to show on the front end

Version 4.1 Now Available!

  • Apps and Modules re-creation Completed
  • Ability to post photos and videos on friend’s wall Completed
  • Sharing videos and photos for events Completed
  • Add attachments in private messages Completed
  • Featured posts Completed
  • Indicate online status Completed
  • Event calendar module Completed
  • Implementation of Joomla! Smart Search Pushed Back
  • Search by profile types on advanced search Completed
  • Search stream by keywords Completed
  • Show user card when hovering on name Completed
  • User can choose default stream filtering Completed
  • Two Factor Authentication Completed

Version 4.2 Now Available!

  • Remove Joomla 2.5 legacy code Completed
  • Full PHP 7 Compatibility Completed
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Digest email notifications Completed
  • Gif Support Completed
  • Emoji Support Completed

Version 4.3 Now Available!

  • ACL - Stage 1 - Underlying core changes and code support for Joomla ACL Completed
  • Open comments and notifications library so it can be used as a commenting system for just about anything. Completed
  • Overhaul of the profile fields manipulation. Completed
  • Theme Designer improvements (more switches for turning layout elements on or off, colors, borders, backgrounds, covers for events, groups etc..) Completed
  • Gravatar integration for default avatars. Completed
  • Use Facebook Connect Javascript SDK. Completed
  • Seen status for private messages. Completed
  • User distance awareness. Completed

Version 4.4 Now Available!

  • ACL - Stage 2:
    • Control who can access and execute different features. Completed
    • Add users to specific ACL groups based on Profiletype. Completed
  • Turn outdated messages system into modern chat system Completed


JomSocial 4.5 development has not yet started. Bellow is the set of features we are considering to implent for version 4.5 but be advised that roadmap is not set in stone and some of these features will be pushed for JomSocial 4.6 and beyond.

  • Fan pages
  • Reactions
  • Better blocking feature
  • File uploads everywhere
  • Following feature
  • Polls
  • Better Sharing Options

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