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Introducing JomSocial 4.9.2: Enhancing Your Community Experience

We're excited to announce the release of JomSocial 4.9.2, packed with powerful updates and fixes to elevate your community experience. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

Joomla community social extension - JomSocial for Joomla 5

1. Enhanced Security with New Captcha Options

Safeguard your community against spam and bots with support for hCaptcha and Cloudflare captcha during registration. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your community is protected.

You can configure the Captcha setting in JomSocial configuration > Register.

Joomla community social extension - JomSocial recaptcha support

Joomla community social extension - JomSocial recaptcha support

Selective Messaging

Foster a friendlier environment by allowing only friends to send messages to each other. This new feature ensures that communication remains meaningful and relevant within your community.

Optimized for Joomla 5 and PHP 8.2

Stay ahead of the curve with seamless compatibility updates for Joomla 5 and PHP 8.2. Experience improved performance and stability across the board.

Bug Fixes Galore

We've squashed multiple bugs to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience for you and your community members.

JomSocial 4.9.2 changelog in detail:

New Features

  • Support new captchas when register: hcaptcha, cloudflare captcha
  • Only friendly can send message


  • Change way to get twitter feed of plugin twitter
  • Filter by category: support filter multi category

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug could not delete user from backend
  • Fix latest photos doesn't show on profile
  • Fix multiple issues on php 8.2
  • Fix compatible issues on joomla 5
  • Fix field 'params' does not have a default value
  • Fix apps does not load on user profile page

Download and installation

  • Download the latest JomSocial version HERE
  • Install the new version on your Joomla site

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