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Preview Release: JomSocial 4.7.10 for Joomla 4 RC5 is here

Preview Release: JomSocial 4.7.10 for Joomla 4 RC5 is here

Joomla 4 is the latest release of Joomla! CMS and this will be Long Term Support (LTS) version. Joomla 4 stable is planned to release on August 17 and we are all excited with the complete new version. Recently a new RC 5 version has been released and we are regularly testing the RC versions for JomSocial compatibility with Joomla 4.

Today we are happy to announce the preview version of JomSocial 4.7.10 for Joomla 4 RC5. This version contains the core codebase changes for Joomla 4 and helps you to test JomSocial with the latest Joomla 4 RC5.

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JomSocial 4.7.8 updated for important bug fixes and Joomla 3.9.23

Jomsocial Joomla social community extension updated for bug fixes

Hi guys,

We would like to announce a new update version for JomSocial - JomSocial 4.7.8 is available for download. This new version contains the important bug fixes for the postbox emoji, Amazon S3 storage, postbox location issue, security fix and more. JomSocial 4.7.8 is updated for the latest Joomla 3.9.23 compatibility.

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JomSocial 4.7.5: Google Login support and more

jomsocial Joomla social community extension 4.7.5 released new Google social login

We are releasing JomSocial 4.7.5 Joomla social community extension with a major new feature: Google login and other new features & improvements: Page vanity URL, improved Twitter login, Report comment. This update also includes 15 bug fixes and Jomsocial Themes updates for the latest JomSocial support.

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JomSocial Themes updated for bug fixes!

jomsocial Joomla social community extension 4.7.4 released for new emoji and new social login and themes updates

last week we released Joomla social community extension - JomSocial 4.7.4 for new social login: Twitter and LinkedIn Login integration, new 1500+ Emoji, improvements and bug fixes.

Today we are releasing JomSocial themes updated for latest features style improvements ad bug fixes.

Here is list of themes updated:

  • JS Column Theme
  • JS Shadow Theme
  • JS Flat Theme
  • JS Kikiriki Theme

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