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Update: JomSocial 4.8.2 updated for 20+ bug fixes

Jomsocial Joomla social community extension bug fixes update

Hi guys,

We would like to announce a new version of Joomla Social community extension: JomSocial 4.8.2. A total of 22 bug fixes were added in this release. Let's check the details below:

JomSocial 4.8.2 changelog :

  • Fix missing toolbar icon on member search view
  • Need confirm before changing tab on postbox if status tab has content
  • Update fb login button to new api
  • Fix could not delete page category on Joomla 4
  • Fix feed filter by hash tag broken
  • Fix member filter bar issue
  • Fix create recurring event error on Joomla 4
  • Missing Language values in application
  • Uploading multiple photos freez the postox
  • Enable My Article Plugin put site down
  • Report a page option missing Lanuage value
  • More compatible with php 8.0
  • Undefined Error on Reporting a User Profile
  • More improvements and enchaned
  • Style fixes in the main stream posts
  • Fix incorrectly save location value with unicode value
  • Missing Language values in core JS modules with J4
  • Appy time format 12h/24h to event and poll composer on postbox
  • Remove border from poxtbox when write Text
  • Add link review pending invitation to email that send to admin
  • Change Cover image option not working
  • Fix backend notification dropdown not work on Joomla 4

Download and Upgrade

  1. Check the system requirements Here
  2. Create a full Backup of your website
  3. Make sure you are running minimum JomSocial 4.4 or JomSocial 4.5 version
  4. If you use JomSocial 4.3 or lower - Make the tier upgrade as explained in this doc & update Jomsocial with > 4.3 > 4.4 > 4.5.x > 4.8.x
  5. Download JomSocial 4.8.1 from new unified download system here
  6. Install the package 4.8.1 zip installer file
  7. To update the theme in JomSocial : Download latest version of theme and install it via JomSocial > Configuration > templates > upload latest package

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