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Here are some of the features that make JomSocial the best social networking software on the planet.

Activity Stream

Members can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events and more. They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends.
  • photo album view in jomsocial


Comment on posts and add images to the comment.


Like posts and comments.

Easy Moderation

The admin can delete and edit posts, and ban or block members.

Featured Posts

The admin can feature posts by showing them at the top of the stream.


Filter activity stream by post type or publisher.

Admin Posts

The admin can post a special stream post with the most popular groups, photos, members, and more.

Share Box

Our powerful share box allows your members to post text, files, videos and photos, poll, embed content from other sites and share moods and location.


Tag other members and they’ll receive a notification.

Location Sharing

Share your location with other members. Integration

Show beautiful cards from SoundCloud, AirBNB, KickStarter and more.

Photo Share

Share your memories via photo's upload

Video Share

Share videos using video link and uploads.

File Share

Upload files on profile wall, groups and Events

Poll Share

Post poll on frontpage wall stream.


Pages are useful to expand your business, you can interact with members via Pages, can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite friends.
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Activity Stream

Post status, videos, images and more inside the Page.

Page Privacy

Pages can be private, public or secret.

Review & Rating

Members and Add review and rating for pages


Add Poll In Events

File Sharing

Share files with other page members.


Create custom profile questions for your community. Members can add cover photos and avatars.
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Cover photos and avatars

Share your favorite cover photo and profile.

Admin Moderation

Make any changes to members’ profiles, edit content, and ban offensive contributors.

Customized Profiles

Add any fields to a profile.

Multi Profiles

Create different profile types.

Profile Info on Covers

Place the content of any profile fields right on the profile cover.

Share Profiles

Share profiles on social media sites

Messaging and Chatbar

Members can contact each other privately, reply, delete messages using inbox and chatbar.
  • jomsocial group chat feature

Group Messaging and chat

Write to more than one member at a time with chatbar.

Share Photos and Files

Add photos and files to messages.


Block members if necessary.


Receive real-time alerts on new comments, likes, friend requests and messages. Keep your members engaged and interested all the time.
jomsocial user notifications

Email Alerts

Receive alerts via email.

On-Site Alerts

Receive alerts on the site in real time.

Customize Alerts

Customize the choice of alerts to receive.


Members can schedule events, invite friends and easily keep track of their real-life meetings.
Jomsocial events


Make events private or public.

Activity Stream

Update the event with posts, share videos, photos and more.


Show a list of event participants.

Event Details

Show event location and information.

Social Sharing

Share the event on social media sites.

Invite Friends

Invite friends to join the event.

File share

Upload important documents on event wall (zip, txt, pdf, doc, docx, ppt etc)

Import Events

Import events from iCal.


Add Poll In Events


Groups can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite friends, schedule events and hold important discussions.
jomsocial poll feature

Activity Stream

Post status, videos, images and more inside the group.

Group Privacy

Groups can be private, public or secret.


Make any announcements related to the group.


Discuss any topics relevant to the group.


Create group events for group members only.

Invite Friends

Invite friends to join the group.


Add Poll In Events

File Sharing

Share files with other group members.


Easy-to-use photo galleries make profiles fun to browse, comment on and view.
  • photo view in jomsocial


Tag faces on photos you or other members upload.

Modal Window Viewing

View photos with navigation, comments and other options.


Each member, group and event has its own photo galleries.


Admin can moderate photos on the front end and on the admin interface.


Members can easily share videos from all the major video hosting sites, including YouTube, facebook, Vimeo and many others. We import the title and description automatically.
  • upload video in jomsocial

Upload Videos

Upload your videos.

Share Videos

Share videos from video hosting sites.

Video Galleries

Display videos in video galleries.

Video Categories

Create video categories to organize your videos.

Video Tagging

Tag members in videos.

Video Comments

Make comments on videos, like and reply to comments


Members can post poll on site to get community members view on their questions. Poll gives multiple option to vote based on single or multiple choices.
  • Joomla communiy extension jomsocial poll

Add Poll

Add Poll on community wall.

Multiple Voting option

User can vote on single or multiple choices.

Like Poll

Like Poll activity in stream wall.

Poll Categories

Create Poll categories to organize your polls.

Search Poll

Search Poll based on cateogry and sorting option via dedicated Poll menu item.

Poll Comments

Make comments and reply to comments on poll

Profile Apps

Add profile apps to profiles, including a Twitter feed, RSS feed and more.
  • Twitter feed, RSS feed apps jomsocial

Members’ Choice of Apps

Members can choose the apps they want to display on their profile.

Admin Choice

The admin can choose which apps show for all members.

App Locations

Apps can be placed anywhere on the profile page, in tabs, or stacked.

Admin Interface

A powerful admin interface that delivers full control over your community.
  • jomsocial admin options


Monitor activities, members, and mail queue.


Approve pending members, groups and events, and view reports.

Admin alerts

Receive notifications of recommended actions.

Set Up Your Community

Set up every aspect of your community.

Theme Designer

Modify colors, add or edit moods, and choose the information to place on the profile cover.

Broadcast email

Send an email to all your members.

Additional Features


Adding friends strengthens the connections inside your community. Members can add friends and accept or decline friend requests.

Social Sharing

Make your social site truly viral by allowing your members to share content across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.


Display a full list of members with advanced search.

Import Members

Grow your community fast by importing membership lists.

User Points

Members gain points each time they take action on your community.

Template Compatibility

JomSocial is compatible with almost every Joomla template. We also have our own specialized template called Socialize and many other JoomlArt templates.

Modules and Apps

JomSocial comes with dozens of modules and apps that make your community rich and engaging.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team and community is available to help you with any questions and concerns via our forum .

Lively Community

Our active community is a great place for JomSocial enthusiasts to share their experience, ask questions and showcase their site.

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