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JomSocial 4.8.3: Improvements and bug fixes

The latest version of JomSocial - 4.8.3, is now available for download. With more than 10+ improvements and bug fixes. JomSocial 4.8.3 offers auto-play gifs on the feed, updates to the Twitter emoji CDN, add option to hide the Joomla 4 sidebar on the backend, and more.

Joomla community social extension - JomSocial

JomSocial 4.8.3 changelog:


  • Auto play gifs on feed
  • Update twitter emoji cdn
  • Update option to hide joomla 4 sidebar on backend
  • Show dynamic content on polls module

Bug fixes:

  • Fix warning on PHP 8
  • Fix show default tab on profile view
  • Fix could not see pending user on backend
  • Fix slow loading when turn on gravatar
  • Fix gender search not work
  • Fix crawl link info crash comment box
  • Fix cloud not unlike a photo
  • Fix could not delete categories on backend
  • Fix location field error in Joomla 4

Download and installation

  • Download the latest JomSocial version HERE
  • Install the new version on your Joomla site

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