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Tonio Macy: Attirer l'argent et la richesse intérieure - Loi de l'attraction

Voici comment attirer de l'argent et la richesse avec la loi de l'attraction. Le programme deTonio Macy aide des milliers de personnes à arriver à…

Hello, have you increased your prices ?
Renew : 149$ instead of 119$ is it normal ?
( NB : 0 update since the 08th july ) - feeling shocked

iTeam H
its $149 for JS Pro plan from long time, You can get 30% off in Black Friday sale
2 weeks ago

Quebec-HD IPTV | Le Meilleur Fournisseur IPTV

Quebec-HD est le meilleur fournisseur IPTV, offrant à ses clients différents types d’abonnements et application IPTV à un prix imbattable.

Hello JomSocial World. I am looking to add an extension to our site, and I need something that will allow my members to upload video. I know I can do this with the Video menu item, but it only allow YouTube video's. I want my member to be able to upload directly from their phone, pc or mac directly. Can anyone tell me what will allow me to do this on my site?…

Systeme io: Avis, formation, affiliation et fonctionnalités

Que vous soyez à la recherche d’un système tout-en-un pour gérer votre business en ligne sans connaissance informatiques, vendre vos...

🎃 Halloween Sale Countdown Started🎃
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mba'epa rejepy'a mongueta

Armando and 72 others have joined the group JomSocial Spanish (Multinational) 3 months ago
Armando and 18 others have joined the group JomSocial en Espanol 3 months ago

Need a push in this tough time?
Here’s a start for your Joomla projects! JoomlArt is grateful for having you as one of our valued users and we can’t wait to offer you a little support - a 25% Off altogether with our other active offers and template releases.

#COVID #Support #campaign

НИЛ and 143 others have joined the group I Love JomSocial 3 months ago

How can I remove the cover photo, top menu and everything else above the "Activity, Group Details, Discussions and Announcements" tabs? I want all of the stuff above those tabs removed. How can I remove this in groups?

This will be great in Jomsocial

Autoplay Policy Changes  |  Web  |  Google Developers

Learn best practices for good user experiences with the new autoplay policies in Chrome, coming April 2018.

Hi, where can we found the cookies disclaimer for joomla like on this site ?…

Best ways to reduce number of DOM elements

Everyone agrees that less DOM elements means better page performance. It means better javascript performance, especially in older browsers. But where are the best places…

When can we expect the next release? A date, please.

iTeam Hi a bug fix release planned for this week 5 months ago

Hello guys!
Anybody know how to stop jomsocial sending missing message alert to the users?

iTeam You can check JomSocial > Message Settings > Unread message 6 months ago

JomSocial is proving to be a valuable tool and is used everyday for us. Looking forward, it would be great to know what tools are on the horizon

JomSocial's - Open Source Social Network - Roadmap

What's coming up on JomSocial? Check out our official roadmap of Jomsocial to find out new features for Joomla community extension

stuart What improvements and bugfixes, in the roadmap there are no news for almost 1 year iTeam ? 6 months ago
iTeam Hi , the bug fixes and improvement reported by community members, roadmap page only add big new features, that will be updated soon as well 6 months ago
stuart iTeam In this life or in the next? I say it because they have been saying the same thing for months and there are no updates or new features, is this really a development job, or is it a dead project? My best wishes. 6 months ago
iTeam Hi it will be release for sure, due to short list of the bug fixes the release in delay, most fixes shared as patch on users site via forum, do not worry the Project is active and working fine. 6 months ago

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