Here's what just some of our customers have to say about JomSocial

Best community extension available, support is coming back up

by MysticMedia

"Jomsocial itself, the software, it top notch. There is simply no comparison between it and Community Builder. Jomsocial delivers everything you could need, and then more.

Now the downside is that, like everyone says, the support has traditionally been absolutely horrible. But as of lately, it seems they're putting more priority behind support and answering a lot of overdue questions, and new ones.

I saw other reviewers saying they had problems with Jomsocial itself, they couldn't do this or that, never got it working, bugs, etc. blah blah blah.... that's bogus! Jomsocial is extremely easy to setup and configure. Yes, it requires some time to familiarize yourself, but all complex Joomla extensions do. But if you're familiar with Joomla, you should have no problem at all setting up Jomsocial. We used it many times and set it up in 10 minutes. If these people have problems, rest assured they simply don't know what they're doing or are amateurs in dealing with Joomla.

Is Jomsocial for beginners? Nope. But then again, if you're going deep enough to need Jomsocial, then you should not be a beginner in the first place.

Jomsocial delivers what no other extension out there can, and it does so perfectly. I love it!"

Awesome Extension with Limitless Possibilities

by WebBits

"JomSocial has surpassed my expectations in Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 on several sites.

The many configuration options has allowed me to give a unique feel and look on several sites. The defaults had me up and running in a very short time.

In starting a new community based project my thoughts went to JomSocial but at first glance I thought the idea to be a bit out of the box even for JomSoical. But the amazing support team proved me wrong. The support team listened to my idea, spent time brainstorming configuration option and came up with a configuration and work flow that worked!

Their willingness to be open to "new" ideas and support the project save me a lot of time and the expense of custom coding.

Great job and great combination all the way around.

Thank you JomSocial; Eric and Chris. You both made this fun!"

Best component for a community site

by amitray

"This is a nice component for a community based site. I would recommend this to all. I also request them to release a stable version compatible with Joomla 3 soon."


by EddieOly

"This is definitely the best extension to build a community. The design is great, mostly easy to customize and the social stream is really cool.

I like it very much.

Thank you JoomSocial, love u guys!"

Great product - well worth the $$$

by Earthson

"I've been a paying member of JomSocial for years. Over that time prices have doubled, the support forum disappeared, and reappeared, and noticeable upgrades were implemented in their software. Some of these were frustrating changes; some were nice to see. But, I'll tell you one thing - I'm still a paying member - because they clearly are working hard, trying their best to improve the product and support, and I know that they will always be around (and that means my community will be as well).

Price: I was a member back when plans were 1 year long. Now, the plans are the same price, but only good for 6 months. So, essentially, the prices have doubled. It is quite a steep increase, but I still feel it is money well spent. If you actually stop and imagine all the coding that goes into this product, it'll make your head spin. It is a monstrous project. It would take you years and years to develop it yourself, and it wouldn't be nearly as nice. Again ==> $$$ well spent!

Support: I'm very pleased with the support. I've seen a noticeable improvement since the price doubled. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence, or not, but it is great to have such dedicated people helping you out. They really go above and beyond.

Learning curve: like any great product in Joomla (including Joomla itself), there will be a learning curve. JomSocial has a tonne of settings, which can appear daunting at the beginning. But, once you work with it for a little while, you come to appreciate all the thought that went into it.

One word of advice - if you are using sh404SEF, turn it off for JomSocial. They are slowly working out their issues and better together, but I found that 80% of the "glitches" I found in my community were all due to conflicts with sh404SEF. Both are great products, but they do not play together as well as they could."

Reminds me of a Tina Turner song

by bjash

"You're simply the best......better than all the rest...better than anyone....

If you want an online community get Jomsocial , best money you will ever invest in your website.."

The best

by bearsam

"At the moment I do believe that JomSocial is the best social component out there. I have been using it for my site and often for my clients. It works nicely, the stream and other functionalities. I have found bugs but they can be fixed so that is not a problem. It is normal to have bugs, every component has them. The only issue I did have with JomSocial is the design which is ok and is not really their need to work on that too since there are now those that have created a great product that deals with this issue. with Jomsocial and Tigra for Jomsocial I am perfectly happy and will continue using them happily. The best there is!"

Jomsocial the best joomla extension ever

by SanjiPu

"Jomsocial for me is the best joomla extension ever, just try it is amazing."

Simply Amazing!

by The Don

"Jomsocial is simply an amazing extension to socialize your Joomla! website. Sometimes, I sit back and wonder, how do they do it? With this thing, only your imagination stops you from being the next Facebook. I have just used it to create a business network and when it succeeds, people will be looking at me, but I will be looking at these guys. Lovely extension."

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