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Joomla 4 Tutorials: How to use Content versioning

Joomla 4 content versioning

Joomla content version is an important feature of Joomla that helps to save different article versions. Many times when you writing an article in Joomla and accidentally deleted or changed the content/code, once you save the article the older content is no longer available, It becomes most frustrating part for a writer. In this blog post, we discussed how to use content versioning in Joomla 4

Note: This tutorial also works on Joomla 3.x

Enable and use content versioning :

Enable Joomla 4 content versioning

To enable or disable content version in Joomla, you must have access to Joomla admin and Article options. Open Content > Articles > Options > Editing layouts > Enable content versioning. You can also define how many no. of the version you want to save.

Joomla 4 content versioning options

Now you can see the content version feature is successfully enabled and you will see a new version button in the article. You just need to save the article the first time to get the first version of it.

Each new version of the article you can also add a Note what data you wrote in that session, Its really cool features for a writer who used to write longer articles.

Joomla 4 content versioning notes

Article versions :

Joomla 4 content versioning view

When you saved an article multiple time and would like to see the previous version, Click on the Version Tab that displays all the saved version of that article with no. of options:

  • Restore
  • Preview
  • Compare
  • Keep Forever
  • Delete


Joomla 4 content restore

This option allow you to restore the article to a previously saved version If accidentally you saved the article and lost the previous changes you can use this options.

Preview :

This option used to display the complete article properties from saved versions including publishing dates etc.

Compare Article versions:

Joomla 4 content version compare

This is one the most important feature inside content versioning allows you to make a comparison with all details of articles. You can select the article version you would like to compare and click on the Compare tab.

Keep forever:

Joomla 4 content keep forever

Keep forever or Keep on/off is also very important feature in content versioning. This option will lock the select article from automatically deletion. You can select the article and click on the Keep On/Off tab to allow/disallow the article version from deletion.

Delete :

This option allows to delete selected article version, If there are unnecessary version saved, you can select those articles and deleted them.

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