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How Ad Agency can help extend & monetize JomSocial Joomla site with advertising and Google Adsense

JomSocial lets you create social community networking site for Joomla! and it comes with some very tight integrations with multiple extensions to extend the possibilities of things that can be done. Engaging community members to take up learning courses using GURU Joomla LMS extension or letting your community members to run ads to promote their events, announcements or commercial ads using powerful advertisement management component Ad Agency.

Today, I would like to show you how your JomSocial community users can be empowered to run advertisements to promote their events, announcements or commercial ads using powerful advertisement management component Ad Agency.

Ad Placements

Ad Agency can turn your site into revenue powerhouse by allowing registered users to become “advertisers” and create various different ads. Place and track your promotional announcements across:

  • JomSocial streams or tabs
  • Entire Joomla! Website
  • Multiple sites including non-Joomla! sites
  • Affiliate Ads like Google Adsense

Multiple Ad types:

  • Banner Ad for graphic or affiliate codes
  • Popup Ad that shows on top of the loaded content
  • Textual Ad
  • Floating Ad, similar to Popup Ad, floats on top of the site content
  • Transitional Ad takes up entire page focus and requires to be closed before site can be used.

Once advertiser creates the ad, it will be placed in the corresponding zone or the placement that you can charge for.

Set Your Own Pricing Packages

In Ad Agency, you can set different prices for different types of ads

Target Specific Audience

Targeting the specific audience on the site is very important. Ads created in the Ad Agency extension support geolocated ads which can be configured even at the city or zip code levels (US and Canada only).

JomSocial Profile targeting

Integration with JomSocial offers even more targeting options. You can chose the Custom Profile Fields to target specific ads. 
Only fields with fixed values like radio buttons or dropdown selects can be used because it is hard to do it with "free form" values like text inputs, but even with just these options combined it is a system powerful enough for advertiser to target ads only to females, between age 20 and 50. This is one just example. Options are basically limitless.

Show Ads In JomSocial Streams

JomSocial’s Stream Ads let you present ads on your community’s activity streams in a beautiful, non-distracting way.

Ad Customization Options

  • The length of the ad headline;
  • The length of the ad text;
  • The size of the ad content image;
  • Whether to show the ‘Create Ad’ link;
  • Whether to show ‘Sponsored Stream’ information;
  • The JomSocial Custom Profile Fields used to target ads;
  • Whether to show ‘Target Audience Preview’ when advertisers create their JomSocial Stream Ads;
  • The frequency with which JomSocial Stream Ads appear in the activity streams;
  • And the Activity Streams on which to display the ads.

Creating An Ad

Advertisers fill in the URL, the heading and the rest of the fields. They’re not all required. After they’ve made the ad, advertisers can add it to an existing campaign or purchase a new one.

Powerful Reporting Dashboard - Everything On A Glance

The reporting system is one of the gems that we love about Ad Agency. JomSocial Stream Ads are included in the reporting system with all its beautiful graphs, data exports and filtering. Your advertisers can see how their ads are doing at any time.

Not Just for Advertising

JomSocial Stream Ads blend so well into the activity streams you don’t have to use them for just ads. Make announcements, inform users about upcoming events or draw their attention to other interesting parts of your site. Go wild!.

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