Support Policy

Our support team is available Monday through Friday. We also offer limited support on the weekends.

What We Support

Issues Description Chance of Getting it Fixed

Well Described Issues

The more details, the better. Provide a detailed description including the steps required to reproduce your issue. Please don’t be vague: “My photo is missing” or “it was working and now it’s not” will make it difficult for us to help you. Elaborate descriptions and screenshots, on the other hand, will get your issue resolved fast.


Problematic Hosting

Not everyone is up-to-date on their server set-ups or conform to the current standards. If that’s the case with your hosting provider, then, unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do to assist you. Your best options are to 1) work it out through your hosting provider or 2) switch hosting providers.



If you discover errors in our software, please let us know! We want to fix them. If you despise bugs as much as we do, help us combat them. Be vigilant. When you notice something isn’t right, report it right away. Provide as many details as possible. Help stamp out bugs before they take over!


Incompatibility With Other Extensions

Sometimes, it’s our fault, but, well, sometimes it’s just not. When other extensions get into our code, there’s a strong possibility of something getting broken. No promises, but we will do our best to help you at least identify the source of the problem. The rest will be up to you and the guilty party.

Very Good

Outdated Versions

Some things are good to be nostalgic about, some things are not. Things change rapidly in general and, in this industry, changes occur almost while products are being released. So, if you’re still running IE6 or Joomla! 1.5, get with the times! Step into this decade: upgrade everything to supported versions.


Minor Customizations

We understand that all of our clients are unique and sometimes minor adjustments are needed to take our product from good to fabulous for your specific needs. Give us a shout and let us know specifically what you need. If you’re only talking about minor customizations, we’ll be happy to help you out (Learn More). For larger customonizations, please hire a JomSocial developer.

High Probability

Feature Requests

If you have keen intuition on the next amazing feature, please share it with us. We can’t promise we will implement it; you may too ahead of the times or maybe we believe the masses just won’t catch onto the brilliance of your idea. Rest assured, we appreciate your efforts and interest in helping us make our products better.

Maybe, Maybe not

Major Site Overhaul

Sometimes, even when we’ve given it all we’ve got, you simply need more. We don’t want to let you down, but we must focus on the needs of the many, so we may not be able to accommodate you. Please don’t hold it against us; we’ll be happy to refer you to some trusted developers who can provide you with a solution.


Languages other than English

In order to keep a uniform look on our forum, support is provided in English only. Lots of people search the forum to find solutions so the language needs to be English. If English is not your best language, try Google Translate. It's quick and easy to use.

Nope, Sorry!


Please, note that in some cases we may ask you to provide your site backend access credentials, in order to further investigate reported issue and provide possible fix. We do understand that your site may contain sensitive and confidential user data or you're obligated to not share access with anyone (due to personal data protection policy). Nevertheless lack of access may decrease level of support as without it, issue can't be properly examined thus no reliable support can be provided.

Customization Policy:

We understand that all of our clients are unique. All of their sites are unique and all of their users are unique too. Sometimes, we’re asked to make a few minor adjustments to our products so that they completely match a site’s unique needs. Usually, we’re happy to make those tweaks. However, there are times when those requests overcome our support capacity. Those are the kinds of asks that aren’t minor tweaks. They require hours of additional work — and that’s more than we can supply.

What we can support:

  1. Simple CSS tweaks - If you have problems with colors, backgrounds or borders, or if HTML elements overlap the menu dropdowns, for example, we can help.
  2. Fast code adjustments - A quick code example to show what you need to change to achieve minor customization, HTML element removal or a layout position change is fine.
  3. Minimal changes to core files - Although this is not recommended and has proven many times to be very bad practice, we will assist with very minimal core code changes.

What we won't support:

  1. Layout overhauls and making your site pixel-perfect - If the component works fine but you're not satisfied with the overall look and feel, you’ll need to hire a professional designer to customize the layout.
  2. Changing the current functionality - JomSocial is delivered as is. All of its functions have been tested to work in common Joomla environments.
  3. Adding new functionality - No matter how trivial, adding anything to the current base always requires time.
  4. Moving HTML elements - Moving HTML elements in the layout is really not as easy as it sounds. What you’d think would be a ten-minute fix is more likely to be a ten-hour all-nighter. We’d really rather not.
  5. You have installed Jomsocial on a localhost or a non commercial hosting service
  6. Domains that are not listed in your supported domains.
  7. Everything else that is not specifically mentioned in the "what can we support" list.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do all of these things. You’ll just have to hire a JomSocial developer or designer to help you.

A request for our users

When it comes to customization, we beg you to have patience. We can’t deliver the same response time for customization as we can for actual support requests. We will however, attend to your question sooner rather than later and we’ll either give you customization tips or advise you how to proceed further.

We recognise the need of testing before implementing on live sites. However, we will only provide support for domains registered under 'my account'. If you wish to receive support for dev/test site, please use the domain name of the live site and put the test site copy in /dev folder (for example : or use a subdomain (for example :

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