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JomSocial 4 Beta Is Here!

I am happy to announce the release of JomSocial 4 Beta! After many months of hard work, it's finally ready for beta testing. We've had some great feedback and suggestions on our community and it's made a big difference, so thank you for your help. We appreciate it!

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JomSocial is now available

With the release of the JomSocial 4 beta just around the corner, we’ve just got time for one final bugfix release for 3.2.1.

There are no known security issues in this release, but we do advise you to update your sites as it does include some important privacy and features patches. To see the full list of fixes and improvements please visit the changelog page.

This release ends the bug fixing for 3.2 series (unless some major security flaw is discovered). The next bug fixes will be for version 4.

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What’s Coming In JomSocial 4.0?

You already know about the new Theme Designer feature, right? Pro license holders can now create their own moods and badges, add profile information on the cover, control colors, and more. I also told you about supporting hashtags and an optimized CSS. Pretty cool.

Today I want to tell you about other new features and improvements that are coming to version 4.0.

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The Next JomSocial Will Be 4.0

We’ve been telling you about the forthcoming version 3.3 for a while now. We’ve been working hard on it and it was always going to be big — a really big change to the previous version.

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JomSocial is available

JomSocial 3.3 development is on fire! While it’s burning, here’s a bugfix release. Jomsocial contains over 30 bugfixes reported since the last release. You can see the full list of fixes and improvements on our changelog page. This is a maintenance release of 3.2.1.x series with no known security issues.

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Ad Agency's Reports Receive Major Upgrade!

Reading your stats isn't just a vital part of Internet business. It should also be fun. You should enjoy seeing how much money you're making! The reports on Ad Agency, however, have always been more functional than fun — until now!

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