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The Next JomSocial Will Be 4.0

We’ve been telling you about the forthcoming version 3.3 for a while now. We’ve been working hard on it and it was always going to be big — a really big change to the previous version.

In fact, we worked so hard and it became so big and so dramatically different that it’s become clear we’ve leapt right out of version 3 and straight into 4.0.

It’s a whole new JomSocial.

What’s so different in 4.0?

Everything! We changed the entire design. Not one page has been left looking the same. We’ve also introduced a huge amount of new features, from the way photos open on the stream to videos, events and group pages. And of course, better usability.

Like I said, BIG changes. Big enough to be…

Version 4.0!

Coming in 2015!

Visit our community to see JomSocial 4 Alpha in action!


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