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Socialize 2 Is Here!

While we were working on the amazing JomSocial 4, we also decided to completely redo Socialize. There were some bugs that we wanted to squish, we needed to keep up with the new JomSocial — and we wanted to give it a completely fresh, new look!

Why Socialize 2?

  • Socialize 2 is the only Joomla template that supports JomSocial fully and is updated on every version.

  • Socialize 2 is the only Joomla template with a toolbar that has alerts, avatar, settings and a search box.

  • Socialize 2 is the only Joomla template that we, the creators of JomSocial, fully support!

Socialize 2 On Mobile - A-MAZING!

We had a very specific goal for this re-design. We wanted mobile JomSocial with Socialize 2 to feel more like an app than a responsive website. We wanted it to look slick and clean, not just responsive.

We Did It! Oh, Yeah!

Just check out these screen captures. See how smooth and clean the design looks like with Socialize 2!

Your Community. Your Way (™)

With JomSocial 4’s Theme Designer, you can control the colors of every aspect of JomSocial. You can even change the shape of the avatars, the location of the stream, and so much more.

With Socialize 2, you can use any of the ten default themes or create UNLIMITED themes of your own to match your community.

Got a biker community? It’s got to be black, right? No problem.

Fancy a pink share box? Or perhaps everything in pretty pink? Knock yourself out.

Want a yellow background? Well, you could… but seriously, why?

Whatever you need, with JomSocial 4 and Socialize 2, you now have the power to create it.

Don’t have Socialize?

If you have an active JomSocial license, you can get Socialize TODAY for $20 off. Just enter the promo code:


It will look just like on the image below.

This promo will end on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015, at midnight (PST)

Upgrading Socialize?

If your license has expired, we’ll give you a $20 discount when you upgrade from the regular price! Just go to your account and click that renew button.

When you login to your account all you need to click is the renew button as shown below. 

Comments? Questions?

Please leave them below.

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