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More Benefits For JomSocial Pro And Supercharged Members


In our previous blog post we have announced some paid Extra Add-ons will be offered for free to our members. Due the technical difficulty with the cart system, we didn't make it available last week but they are ready now.

Here is what you get, depending on the type of membership you have:


Standard version got a major upgrade we explained previously and as such will not include any extra add-ons.


JomSocial Pro users will now get access to three extra add-ons ($42 value) for free:

  1. JS Popular Groups
  2. JS Popular Events
  3. JS Trending Hashtags

To get them, just download JomSocial Professional package and unzip it to find “Extras” folder.


All commercial extra add-ons worth $258 are now included for FREE in the Supercharged package.

  1. JS Toolbar ($19)
  2. JS Birthdays ($14)
  3. JS Dating Search ($19)
  4. JS Event Suggestions ($14)
  5. JS Friend Suggestions ($19)
  6. JS Group Suggestions ($14)
  7. JS Members Map ($14)
  8. JS Popular Events ($14)
  9. JS Popular Groups ($14)
  10. JS Profile Completeness ($19)
  11. JS Trending Events ($14)
  12. JS Trending Groups ($14)
  13. JS Trending Hashtags ($14)
  14. JS Trending Photos ($14)
  15. JS Trending Videos ($14)
  16. JS Force Avatar ($14)
  17. JS Force Fields ($14)

To download extras, you must go to your account page and grab them there

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