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JomSocial 4.0 Is Here!

It’s here!

The stable version of JomSocial 4 is out now.

This is a big deal. It’s a huge deal! For JomSocial 4, we did it all. We redesigned every single page and added more than 100 new features.

It’s friendlier, prettier… just better in every way. For you and for your users.

You’re going to love it!

More Control With Theme Designer

The new Theme Designer (available in pro version only) delivers complete control over the way your community site looks and feels. Now you can:

  • Add and edit moods.
  • Add and edit badges.
  • Set the colors of every element, including buttons, backgrounds, share boxes, etc.
  • Show profile info on profile cover.
  • Set avatar shape, location of stream and more!

Read more about Theme Designer here:

+100 New Features

  • Photos open in modal window
  • Videos open on stream
  • New events page
  • New groups page
  • New member page
  • Tabbed apps and modules
  • Profile information on tab
  • Re-designed sub-menus
  • Really private events and groups
  • Re-designed messages
  • New mutual friends app
  • Hidden empty apps
  • Ajaxified search on the toolbar
  • Searchable hashtags

And these are just the highlights. There’s so much more inside the new JomSocial.

Read more about the new features here:

Check out our change log for the full list:

Better Mobile Experience

We paid a lot of attention to the mobile experience on JomSocial 4. It looks and works great on any mobile device, especially when combined with Socialize 2.

Check out the Socialize 2 demo here and read more about this release here.


JomSocial 4 is stable. To make sure it’s stable we created a complete and thorough automated testing system. What used to take us two or three months, we can now do in just two weeks. We just push a button and the system checks over 600 of the most common actions, this way we can be sure that all of them are working properly. We use it for every release, minor and major.

We get to find all the bugs faster and squash them right away.

Read more about our automated testing here.

View The Demo

You can see the JomSocial 4 demo here but the best way to experience JomSocial is to log in to our community. This is a real community with real users and will give you a good idea of how the new JomSocial works and feels.

If you’re curious about the admin area, especially the Theme Designer which is the main new feature on the backend, be sure to visit the demo site’s backend.

Use the following credentials to get to the frontend or the backend of the demo site:
Login: demo
Password: demo

What You Must Know About JomSocial 4

JomSocial 4 has a lot of changes. Even if you’re an old hand at JomSocial, it’s worth reading about those changes and understanding what to expect.

Read this article, then this one.

We Heard You!

I want to give a huge thanks to our users for JomSocial 4. Many of the ideas for new features and improvements came directly from the community. We monitored our suggestions site,, and read everything that came in.

You’ll be able to see many of those ideas incorporated into JomSocial 4 so do keep them coming!

How To Download JomSocial 4.0?

Simply log in to your account at the JomSocial website and download the latest package. Unzip the package to find the JomSocial 4.0.x installation file or iJoomla Installer.

How To Upgrade To JomSocial 4.0?

1. To upgrade with Ijoomla installer (recommended):

Navigate to iJoomla Installer component and click the red "Upgrade" button.

Instructions for this method can be found here.

2. To upgrade by installing the package:

  • From JomSocial 3.1.x or 3.2.x.y - Uninstall the old version. Install the new version.
  • From JomSocial 2.6, 2.8 and 3.0 - Perform a tier upgrade.
  • From JomSocial 1.5 - JomSocial 1.5 is very old and is only compatible with Joomla 1.5. To upgrade to the latest JomSocial, you'll need to migrate to at least Joomla 2.5 and perform a tier upgrade. Learn how to make that migration using this tutorial

3. To upgrade with a patch:

Is not possible due to database changes. One of the above methods must be used in order to upgrade your version of JomSocial to the latest one.

What’s Next for JomSocial?

JomSocial 4 is great but by the time you get this, we’ll have drunk the champagne, eaten all the vol au vents and already be moving forward to make it even better. This is what you can expect over the next few months.

Thank you!

Again, I’d like to thank all our customers for being so great and giving us such valuable feedback. Your comments on JomSocial 4 Alpha, Beta and RC have been tremendously helpful. And a special “thank you” goes out to our awesome beta testers who submitted excellent bug reports and helped us get to a stable version so much faster. Thank you!

Your JomSocial license expired?

Not a problem! All you need to do is go to your account once you're there you'll see your expired license as shown below. 

Don't wait. Renew today and enjoy the ultimate JomSocial experience!

Don’t have JomSocial yet?

Don’t have JomSocial? You’re missing on a great opportunity to engage your visitors, generate more content and boost your traffic. Give it a try today!

Special Promotion

For the next 48 hours, if you buy or renew JomSocial PRO, or if you upgrade from Standard to PRO, you will get the following bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: The Secrets for Creating Successful Online Communities eBook - Learn everything you need to know about getting started and succeeding with your community
  • BONUS #2: 872 Moods from Twitter Emoji
  • BONUS #3: Special meme graphics moods
  • BONUS #4: Special meme animal photo moods
  • BONUS #5: Alternative meme badges

These bonuses will not be included in the future so be sure to get the new JomSocial 4 today!

Promotion expires on Friday the 13th of March, at midnight (PST).

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