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Automated Testing Keeps Out The Bugs

Our Automation Team has been working hard to create automated test cases for JomSocial. Over the last six months they’ve created hundreds of tests that run constantly on the latest builds of JomSocial. They run both regular tests to find bugs as well as bug-specific tests to ensure that old bugs don’t come back. You can read more about Automated Testing here.

It Works!

The latest Beta release of JomSocial 3.2.1 received only one bug report in the five days following its release. (We also received a feature request, which is always nice.)

Thanks to our amazing Webdriver team we can now deliver a more stable product with each release.

More Tests, More Stability

We already have a dedicated machine on which we run the test cases, and we’ll be adding more test cases to the collection. Our goal is to ensure that every feature JomSocial offers is tested and working exactly as we imagined it.

Check Out How Automation Works

Paul Smith, our Support Manager, has created a great video to show you how Automated Testing works. Check it out :)


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