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JomSocial & Guru Integration - 4 Plugins Available

eLearning is exploding! Sites like and are already making millions selling online courses. And you know what?

So can you.

Three years ago, we released an amazing eLearning system called “Guru.” This powerful extension allows you to create courses and generate passive income through online education. Guru has evolved very nicely since then, becoming ever more powerful and feature-rich. You can check out Guru’s website to learn more, or try our demo to see just what it can do. It’s very cool.

Guru + JomSocial = A Winning Team

Now to the great news… we’ve integrated Guru with JomSocial! Now you can have the power of JomSocial together with Guru in a neat package that works together seamlessly.

4 JomSocial Plugins Available Today:

We’ve created 4 amazing JomSocial plugins that will help you integrate these two powerful extensions into one seamless goodness! Read on...

Add eLearning To Your Community And Make Big Bucks!

The combination of community and education makes for some incredible opportunities. You now have a chance to monetize your community in a way you’ve never had before.

If your members love photography, offer them a macrophotography course. If they love music, teach them to play the guitar, listen to jazz or write their own songs.

You know your community’s interest. Now you have a way to expand it, deepen it… and earn from it.
Guru course on desktop and mobile

Give Certificates

One great incentive to get people to sign up for a course is to reward them for completing it. Guru has a great certificate feature that lets you choose a beautiful design or upload one of your own. You can set the criteria for passing, choose the variables to include with the certificate and even allow students to share them. They’ll be so proud.

Give certificates to your community

Facilitate Communications

Students and teachers can use the JomSocial messaging system to interact with each other.

Create Groups and Events

Teachers can create groups and events and invite their students to participate.

The Plugins:

1 Stream Plugin:

Show Student Activity On The JomSocial Stream

Everything your students do, from enrolling in a course to earning a certificate, can now be displayed on your activity stream. Your students will show off their progress, you’ll get to show off your course and engage everyone in your members’ education.
Guru on the JomSocial Stream

3 Profile Plugins:

We also have created three brand new JomSocial apps that can be displayed in the JomSocial profile page:

  • Courses I take - shows the courses you’re studying;
  • Course I teach - shows the courses you’re teaching;
  • My Certificates - shows the certificates you’ve earned so far.

Each of these plugins has powerful parameters that control the information on display, from length of title and description to the size of the thumbnail. For more details of each plugin, read this article by Eric.

Guru apps on JomSocial profile

The Extra Power Of JomSocial Apps

In addition to the parameters that are unique to these new plugins, you also get to enjoy the great features that come with all JomSocial Apps:

  • Select a location for the app (top, sidebar top, sidebar right);
  • Choose whether the plugin shows by default or only if the user adds it to their profile.

Are you ready to offer your community online courses and generate passive income?

Coming soon…

Using JomSocial Multi Profiles

JomSocial has a super powerful Multi Profile feature that lets you create more than one kind of profile with different profile fields. It’s awesome.

With Guru, it will be even more awesome. You will be able to assign those different profile types to students and teachers so that when they register, they fill out a different set of questions. What you can do with such integration is almost limitless!

This is a groundbreaking integration that should be available soon, I will let you know when, so stay tuned!

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