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JomSocial Going GPL

In keeping with our commitment to freedom, flexibility and openness, we are pleased to announce that the next version of JomSocial (1.8) will be completely 'open' and available under the GNU GPL license. We are confident that JomSocial users everywhere and the entire open source community will benefit greatly from this gesture and we're glad that we can fully align our hard work with the core values of Joomla and the open source community.
So, what does this change mean to our business model? Essentially, JomSocial is now subscription-based GPL software. Paying customers are now our VIP 'subscribers' and will have annual access to our latest builds, latest bug fixes and privileged access to our support forums. Nothing else changes.

Our valued customers, erm 'subscribers,' will still continue to receive our prompt customer support, regular JomSocial updates and our full commitment to growth & innovation--just as they are used to receiving. 

And by going GPL, we are also allowing other developers around the world to view our code and offer their input on how we can make Jomsocial even better. 

JomSocial, Joomla social extension, hopes this move will further strengthen the bond with the community, open up new possibilities and contribute to the growth of JomSocial and Joomla development.

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