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JomSocial Omniglot Project: Translations for everyone

Omniglot = omni (Latin “all”) + glot (Greek “language”)

English become modern lingua franca, but it’s always better to have extensions in your own language. Especially if it should be for your users. And what is more user oriented than Community?

That’s why we decided to start JomSocial Omniglot Project, to encourage and reward Translators who want to localize JomSocial.

Do you know English and any other language? Are you a native speaker? You have translation experience or language skill? Are you willing to help?

What are our expectations?

We expect you to translate JomSocial language files to 100% and maintain translation on this level.

We use Transifex to translate, but no special experience is needed to use it - just create an account. It’s easy.

What you’ll get in return?

We offer FREE membership for JomSocial Standard Version to complete translation to 100%.

Joining JomSocial Omniglot project is a great way to help other users… and get yourself a free license.

Apply now via email

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