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New Version Of iJoomla Installer

We've just released a new version of our iJoomla Installer. This version introduces a few improvements and offers support for all our commercial extensions.

What is iJoomla Installer?

iJoomla Installer is a Joomla component that lets you easily install or upgrade any of the iJoomla extensions for which you bought a license. This new version supports all of our commercial extensions, including:

Why Use iJoomla Installer?

It's easy! iJoomla Installer will help you to install any of your purchased extensions — and will also let you upgrade to the latest version in just one click. You won't need to log in or go our site to download and re-install.

How It Works

When you purchase any of our extensions on either or, you will be asked to enter the domain names on which you plan to install the extension. Type in the domains, separated by a comma, then click the "Update" button.

Make sure that you also enter any sub-domains. So if your main domain were "" and you want to install the extension on "," your list of domains would look like this:,

The installer will now be able to confirm that you have a valid license.

You will also find an installer when you download the package. Install it, then click the blue "Install" button. As long as you have an active license associated with the domain or sub-domain on which you're installing the extension, you're done!

Upgrade Your Extensions With iJoomla Installer

Whenever we release a new version of an extension, you'll see a notification on the back end. It will either appear next to the logo or in the notification area.

Check the changelog to learn more about the upgrade then go to components > iJoomla Installer and click the "Upgrade" button.

Save Time With iJoomla Installer

iJoomla Installer was developed to help you install and upgrade our extensions quickly and easily. Do take advantage of it!

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