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What’s New In JomSocial 4.3?

JomSocial 4.3 is packed with amazing new features. This is a short list of all the great additions you can find in the latest version of JomSocial.

Distance Awareness

Dating sites have long shown members how close they are to each other and let them find friends near them. It’s a great way to bring people together. Now JomSocial does that too.

Each member’s distance from the viewer is shown on the profile page cover and in the mini-profiles displayed in search results. Members can also search for users within a set radius and see the units as miles or kilometers.

For best effect, we suggest that you use Distance Awareness in conjunction with the new Location Field feature…

New Location Field

The new Location Field is a cleaner and easier way to obtain location information from members using just a single field.

If the privacy level is not set to public, the new location field will also ensure that only qualified users see the location.You will need to set a Google Maps API in the integration area before using the new field. The field will warn you if API is missing.

The legacy approach in which we collected the location data using five separate fields will still work but it will compromise privacy.

Comments And Notifications

JomSocial’s comments are awesome! You can tag people, add a photo and include media previews. So we decided to apply the same technology outside of JomSocial component.

With JomSocial 4.3, two new plugins are added. Enable and configure JS Article Commens as well as JS Article Notifications, and JomSocial comments will be added to your articles. Notifications too. Check out this GIF:

And it gets even better. JomSocial comments can be generated on any Joomla or third-party content using a plugin. Using K2 or JReviews? Expect to see integration with these plugins soon.

Theme Designer Improvements

Theme Designer now has an all-new configuration, more color options to paint almost anything on your website, default avatars, and covers for groups and events.

Theme Designer is not available for JomSocial Standard license holders. If you want to enjoy all these amazing new features and you only have a standard license, you’ll need to upgrade to JomSocial Pro now.

Using Gravatars as Avatars

Profiles with photos show that the profile is authentic, with a real person behind it. Nothing is sadder than a community with a bunch of default avatars.

To help you build an active community faster, we now let you show gravatars instead of the default avatar.

A gravatar is an image that follows a users from site to site. It appears beside the user’s name when they comment or post on a blog. Gravatars help to identify posts on blogs and web forums, and now, a profile photo on any social network powered by JomSocial.

This feature is also a part of Theme Designer.

Profile Fields

We’ve also made some big back-end changes to the profile fields.

You can now drag and drop the fields to any location, change the order from the field setting or assign the fields to a Profile Type. You can even make a required field unavailable on registration.

Private Messages

In JomSocial 4.3, members can see when their messages have been read. If a conversation includes more than one user, the system will even recognise which of them has read the message.

Code Refactor To Support Joomla ACL

The most important change you won’t be able to see: it’s an underlying code refactor to support Joomla ACL.

We originally intended to provide ACL support in JomSocial 4.3 but it proved to be a very demanding process. Most of JomSocial’s core was written for Joomla 1.5 almost a decade ago when ACL was not available. We had to completely refactor JomSocial Core, making it ready to support and develop features that follow modern Joomla standards.

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