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Introducing: JomSocial Labs

At JomSocial we’re always working hard to improve your social network. We want it to be even more stable, even more feature-rich and even more user-friendly. Our goal is to help you create an amazing community that keeps your members coming back and telling their friends.

In this new series we’ll update you about the latest features as we work on them. We’ll let you know what’s happening and show you a GIF with the new feature in action.

We want to keep you in the loop and excited about what’s coming next on JomSocial, but we also want your feedback and your ideas. If you see anything that you think could be done better, a typo that needs to be corrected or an obvious logical mistake, do let us know!

Our first JomSocial Lab feature:

JomSocial Labs: Text Limit Counter

Some fields on JomSocial have a character limit. But users can’t see how many characters they have typed as they complete the field.

Our new feature displays a counter as they type. Users no longer have to submit the form to know if they have met the required minimum or hit the maximum limit of characters. It makes profile-building much, much easier.


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