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JomSocial Beta Testing Program Now Accepting Applications

A few weeks ago I told you about our progress testing JomSocial 3.0. A lot has happened since then:

  • We finished the second round of internal testing — and found about 26 new bugs.
  • We finished a round of ad hoc testing — and found another 20 new bugs.

And with hard work and big, heavy boots we squished all of those bugs.

As you can see on the image below, on the second round of internal testing we had significantly less bugs that on the first round, which means we made good progress.

A lot less bugs found on second round of testing

So now we’re in the last stage of the testing process: beta testing.

This time, we’re not going to release the beta version to the masses and wait for just a few bugs to be reported, it simply doesn't work.

Instead, we’re going to have a closed beta testing program. We’re planning to use a select group of beta testers, people who have a high stake in the success of the extension because it’s an important part of their site or business.

We want the beta testers to use JomSocial on their own environment and check for any compatibility issues with other extensions, templates or server setups.

Who are we looking for?

Our ideal testers would be:

  • JomSocial extensions developers;
  • JomSocial template developers;
  • Translators;
  • Users with large or very active JomSocial communities.

You will need an active JomSocial license to be a beta tester. To make sure that we really do get the reports we need, we’re also going to be selective and we’re not promising any rewards or bonuses (beyond our heartfelt thanks.)

If you fall into one of these categories and you’re willing to lend a hand, we’d love you to apply to be a beta tester. The result should be that when it’s time to upgrade JomSocial on your site, the number of bugs and problems your users encounter will be minimal.

Here’s a video of Bryan Lamb explaining about our beta testing program:


How to apply

We’ve created a special site for our beta testing program where you can find the latest version of JomSocial installed. You can reach it at

To apply, register with JomSocial on that beta site and complete the short questionnaire. If you’re selected for the beta program, we’ll send you an email with further instructions. It may take us a few days to get back to you, so please be patient.

What if I’m not accepted?

Sit tight. A new version of JomSocial will be out soon. We aim to make this version the most stable yet.

How long will the beta testing take?

It’s hard to say. It really depends on the number of bugs the beta testers turn in and how big they are. It also depends on how serious our beta testers are in testing and submitting the bugs. I will keep you posted on our Facebook page as we move ahead.

Thank you for your patience while we take JomSocial to the next level!

Comments? I'd love to read them, please post below.

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