JomSocial 2.8.4 is here!

 Written by Sinisa Krisan Published on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 16:15

We are happy to announce that our JomSocial 2.8.4 bugfix release is now available . You may retrieve the latest version from your Account area:

What are some notable fixes and improvements in this version?
1. Fixed compatibility issue with JoomlaXI Profiletypes - Thanks JoomlaXI Team :)
2. Improved support for Joomla 3.0 which is planned to be officially made compatible in JomSocial 3.0.
3. Popup window consistency. Tidy up the cWindow
4. A more stable avatar changing/uploading/cropping functionality
5. Proper developer view for DEV version
6. Over 30 other bugfixes and code improvements

For a complete list of the change log, please click on the link bellow

To upgrade, you may uninstall the old and install the latest JomSocial 2.8.4

If you want to get your hands dirty with upgrade patches and the change log, kindly follow this link: