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Introducing UploadnSell, a FREE service

Want to sell your ebooks, files, downloads and digital products online, but it’s too much hassle sometimes? You always have to go through many steps and procedures just to get your money right? Uploading files on other places does not secure your payment online? Worried that you might be scammed? Want to make sure your product won’t be re-downloaded many times after being sold?

UploadnSell is THE service for you. Believe it or not, you can do it in 60 seconds safely through PayPal! It’s that easy. UploadnSell is  completely FREE service by JomSocial and we would want to make your online transaction smoother and secure whenever you want to sell your digital products online.

Just setup your account and upload your files and start selling! It’ll be an instant download for your customers and their money will be cash straight into your account.

How it works?

  1. Upload your files to UploadnSell then get your buy link
  2. Use your buy link to sell your product
  3. Via the buy link, your customer will be redirected to PayPal for payment
  4. Your customer completes payment process at PayPal.
  5. PayPal sends purchase data to UploadnSell.
  6. UploadnSell creates unique expiring download page for your customer

How we do it?

Free. No fees, royalties, commissions
You don't have to pay us anything. The service is provided completely free. We ask for 0% of each sales made. Absolutely no catch.

Instant download for your customers
Once payment is completed, your customer will received their download instantly. Instant gratification. Complete automation. Zero work on your part!

Protect your product with expiring download pages
Paid customer will have access to your file for 24 hours.

Cash straight into your own Paypal account
Your money is yours. Customer pay directly to your paypal account. We won't stand in the way. Enjoy every sales you make!

What are you waiting for? Already have a listing of digital files that you have in mind to sell in your website or through email? 

Just UploadnSell

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