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Good bye "wall". Hello "Social Stream"

When 2.2 was released a couple of weeks back, quite a few people were shocked to see the wall plugin is no more. Let me assure you that this is a major step forward and is something we should celebrate!

The "wall" has been with us since the first release of JomSocial. With the release of 2.2, we have decided to integrate comment-on-profile, (which is normally the job for the wall plugin) into the stream itself. So, instead of having a separate section for those messages, it now flows nicely into your personal social stream. As an added bonus, it now gains the new 'like' and 'comment' feature from the stream. 

This is just the beginning. We really want to make friend-to-friend interaction more fluid and fun. If you guys have a fresh new idea, drop it at our uservoice page at  . At the mean time, noticed that we have upgraded itself to the latest 2.2 build. Go ahead and play around with it.

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