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Get 20% Off Of ThemeXpert Subscription!

If you're using JomSocial and Guru, you already have the heart of a learning community.

You just need the right template to help keep that community working well and looking great!

EduXpert for Guru

EduXpert by ThemeXpert is a beautiful Joomla template that fully supports both Guru and JomSocial. We worked closely with the ThemeXpert team to bring a truly unique and gorgeous template that will make your visitors want to stay, chat — and buy courses from you.

What Does EduXpert Have Under The Hood?

ThemeXpert pulled out all the stops to make EduXpert. The template is built with Joomla 3, Bootstrap, HTML5 and Expose Framework. You can expect on and off-canvas menu, responsive design and many other features.

Fully Supports JomSocial!

In addition to all of the great features of the template itself, EduXpert supports both Guru and JomSocial. You can build a phenomenal educational site backed up by the best social network experience for Joomla.

The EduXpert template will make both extensions blend into the design to create a smooth, unified look.

Check Out The Demo (It's So Cool!)

You can browse the EduXpert demo here: 

Guru demo:

JomSocial demo:

20% Discount on ThemeXpert Subscriptions

EduXpert is great. We fully recommend it for any site using Guru, JomSocial and especially both. To encourage you to use it, we've persuaded ThemeXpert to give you a 20% discount when you place your order.
Just use the following promo code on the sign-up page:


This promo code expires on Friday, August 15th at midnight PST so do order quickly!

Every Joomla Template With One Order!

When you order EduXpert now you won't just get a great template.

And you won't just get a 20% discount.

You'll get access to all of ThemeXpert's great templates for Joomla! The company has more than 50 available and they're all fantastic. Pay once and enjoy a lifetime right to use them wherever you want even after your subscription expired.

That is not a deal you want to walk away from. Order Now!

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