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Is it possible to not show any info in tabs? I want the Activity Stream, Description, About Me, etc. on all pages to show all the time without having to click on tabs.

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Pankaj Sharma Hi, its not possible to show on all pages , each user has own privacy for the content and it would be visible only on profile pages. 2 months ago

Looking for the best solution for paid events, any ideas?

Parth Hello Vince, you might want to take a look at our JTicketing extension 3 months ago

Hello? Anyone?

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JOMSOCIAL TUTORIAL - Custom Titles and Text

Unofficial tutorial for JomSocial on Joomla. A beginners tutorial on how to change the text of various locations across the JomSocial installation. Basically introducing you to the LANGUAGE file in Joomla.

servet replied to Live Video Streaming 11 months ago

is there noway to make live stream directly from joomsocial ? without entering youtube url or something !

No, default groups are only for profile types. There is not much sense to allow user to choose groups during registration as the same could be done after registration in nearly the same way

Yes, I see that now under profile options you can select default groups. Is there a way to allow a user to select groups during registration process? Our profiles types are not related to groups. Each profile could want specific group joins.

This feature is already available in JomSocial 4.4.5 You just need to utilize Multiple Profile

Add counter to JS ToolBar…

JomSocial Support Forum - Help for JomSocial Need help with JomSocial? Our support forum with over 100,000 members can help.
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Looking for similar functionality but the links on DeeEmm are all 404 error pages. Any other solution you found?

Hi all!
Any suggestions on deactivating joms-popup? I can't find any options...

He Waka Tapu Wouldn't you be better to have the login button which creates the popup on every page as is currently behaves? I reason I think this is that although some of your JomSocial/Profile pages already have the login form displaying... You have a number of other pages which don't have a login form. So if you removed the login button from all pages other than the home page you couldn't login any longer... Show more 1 year ago
Michał Nick, why to disable it on the first place? It's needed when user session expires and user is on page without login form... 1 year ago
Nick Well, the reason is that some visitors of the site, not members, get annoyed and report the posts i share on facebook as "Clickbait" ! They click on my shared post, visit my site, get this login/signup popup, report my shared post on facebook, and i get blocked from facebook. Isn't this a good reason to try find another solution than the popup, when user session expires and user is on page... Show more 1 year ago
Siniša Krišan JomSocial allows only sharing of the public stuff unless you manually copy the current URL which has elevated view permissions and paste it to Facebook, then it will require login, naturally.
This has nothing to do with JomSocial popups really, the same thing would happen if you copy URL with elevated permissions from any other component or even Joomla article itself.
1 year ago
Siniša Krišan replied to Kunena Forum 1 year ago

Xristoph Conrad sorry mate, it's Akismet spam protection We are going to upgrade our site soon and implement ACL so spambots won't be needed

SleepyMan replied to Kunena Forum 1 year ago

I still dream, JS team can make feature that display group's discussions in forum-like style:…

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Gregory O'Connor replied to Kunena Forum 1 year ago

thanks I will check it out. Greg

Xristoph Conrad replied to Kunena Forum 1 year ago

www DOT minitek DOT gr/joomla-extensions/jomsocial-k2-integration

Xristoph Conrad replied to Kunena Forum 1 year ago

Jeeezz... just typed you a nice response and freaging Jomsocial "bot" nuked it with message stating Wall Spam. WTF JomSocial? Anyway, Gregory O'Connor the company is called Minitek and the plugin is called "JomSocail K2 integration. It allows you to string things together, but in a reverse flow. I'd paste URL but seems that's prohibited here ;-)

Gregory O'Connor posted a new discussion1 year ago

Kunena Forum

I was thinking of removing my Groups and adding Kunena forum. seems that members do not use the discussions in the group and I like the template that exists here in my profile where it list my Kunena forum discussions. Kind of hard to have one or the other. My one question has to do with how to layout the community page because it is hard to find the kunena form. seems to be just a...


Hi Michael This will be available with JomSocial 4.4 but you will have to set multiple profile types for that to work

Michael replied to Adding a new field type 1 year ago

i need a filed to choose with checkboxes in which content groups the user will work and set after registration.

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