Modified HelloMe Module to display UIKit member stats

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Adam Discussion started by Adam 8 years ago
Hey guys, I usually just come on here for ideas or tricks, but today I decided to share a little tweak I did of the HelloMe module and the best part is I only used the module template override so it will not be overwritten during updates...  Here is a screenshot of what I did with the Hello Me module placed in the js_frontpage_full_top_stacked position above a "dashboard" type menu below it (separate module) I can post the exact template override code so you can have this module in less than 5 minutes if there is any interest...

The only thing you would have to modify is the "What are point?" link is to an article on my site and the "Invite Friends" link goes to Invitex component (it will need to be changed if you don't have that extension)

The stats below are for each member and viewed when they go to their dashboard.

TO can you post the exact template override code ? 8 years ago

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