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Scotty replied to Live Video Streaming 3 months ago

@Rob yes, I have been live streaming on my site by just posting the Youtube URL to the video section of Jomsocial.

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Scotty added a video. 5 months ago

LIVE: Turkey launches military operations...

I posted this to show an example of live streaming in JomSocial by posting or importing the YouTube url. Ruptly will be live from the Turkish/ Syrian border as Ankara launches military operations against the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in th...

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Michał Hi, Scotty... rather try with hmm... neutral material. You see we all have own views on that war. Materials like this one could be asking for a flame war ^^ 5 months ago
Scotty replied to Live Video Streaming 5 months ago

Smart Phone View Video features of the platform

Explaining the video features of the new platform and some of the video streaming feature we plan for the future. BTR Community is a social networking platfo...

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Scotty posted a new discussion5 months ago

Live Video Streaming

In the support section someone asked if live streaming was possible. The reply was to point them in towards Joomla extensions. However, I discovered that you can live stream from YouTube into Jomsocial by simply copying and pasting the YouTube url. If you follow YouTubers who do live broadcasts, try and you will see it stream the live video from YouTube. So no, you don't need a 3rd party...

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