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Common issues after upgrading from to 4.3.4

5 years 9 months ago
JomSocial Active

1) Users can't register: The problem with my registration occured exactly on the day that I upgraded JomSocial.
Users that were trying to register in my site from 7/12/17 and after couldn't register! They were simply getting the SMTP error

So my mail server was working fine before upgrade.
Look at my screenshots:

Also how exactly did you register? Your account is not activated! There is an SMTP error at the top of the screen! Don't you see it? You never get an activation email. As simple as that.

After your upgrade the validation system doesn't work. In both the link you gave me and my site's link. So fix the issue. I have a site of 45.000 users and hundreads of them activate over the last days! I have to manually send them emails to inform them about the manual activation. Otherwise I am losing users and credibility!

Overall I have spent lots of days for speaking with my developer to fix things and we are not even halfway! The old version of Joomla was working just fine. You are telling me that there is slowdown issue in Chrome with the version 4.45 that I have and that I need to upgrade to v4.5 . My previous developer done custom job on adding Levels to users based in the experience points. I paid so that he puts it back to my website. If I upgrade I will have to re-pay again. So what exactly am I going to do? Pay tons of wages every month in order to re-put custom work just for a such important issue as it's the site's speed?

Since my site was working fine and users could also register fine, and when I upgraded JomSocial the issues started, I expect you to solve the issue immediatelly. That is what we expect from your support.

2)About search by both Username and Full Name: This was a long-time requested feature from the previous developers.
The fact that "it's used nowhere" is your point. There are portals that allow detailed search. If I post some here will you implement it in the next patch?
For big sites like mine, if users want to see if one of their friends have registered there, they will search them by their full name. But in our names we might use either english or greek characters: ex. Maria or Μαρία . Another problem is that when a user doesnt' find his friend with the full name he might try with his/her nickname, that he/she uses in other websites. So we give users more options to find their friends in our website when they don't know if they have registered or not. If it's after midnight hour and you can't wait to see if your friend has registered and he doesn't respond online then you won't call him. You will just search for his username.

What exactly is the problem if implementing something that you promised multiple times? Even if previous developers than you did. It's like 2-3 hours of work to add an extra search field which is important for me. I don't have a small website with up to 1.000-2.000 users that most of your clients have. I have 45.000 registered users so yes there is a great chance that someone might find his friends using either full name or Steam ID, PSN ID, Xbox Live ID etc.

3)About the speed bug in Chrome 62, provide me a fix (overwrite files to fix it) so that I don't have to upgrade to Joomla 4.5 because I don't have any budget to pay my developer again to upgrade the whole site and levelling/xp system.

4)Also the messages indicator is still visible to 2 messages while I don't have any new messages.

ps. Also the root password has changed. See my first post in this topic.

5 years 9 months ago

HI, Manos.

1. Please, be so kind and Google your error with SMTP in Joomla!. How many times I have to explain that it's not JomSocial related. The same was with Kunena and avatars. The same, you claimed that you know better than me. You provide me a printscreen when you can clearly see that claimed error is on Joomla! registration. JomSocial registration works. Sure emails are not sent but they are sent by Joomla! - not JomSocial. Moreover there are not SMTP settings in JomSocial but only in Joomla! This should be fixed there.

So far none of the issue ware caused by JomSocial! None! Most crucial one was related with your server and another with lack of Kunena plugin.

Now again, when I humbly try to explain - you jump on me that's it's JomSocial fault and I'm obligated to fix it. No sir, I won't be your site developer and when I explain the issue I do it honestly. If there is our fault - we always take responsibility and provide support/fix. But if I say it's 3rd party or your Joomla!/configuration- then I know what I say.

I'm sorry but your site customizations and paid jobs with 3rd party developers are not my concern. Why to stop in the middle of upgrading. Why upgrade to outdated version an apply customization only to complain again.. I don't get this.

Also your site speed may depends your settings how often you check chat and notifications. Sinisa mentioned that in the comments here:

You site maybe worked fine - but do not now. Cause was explained. Do what you want with that knowledge. BTW didn't you upgraded Joomla! in the process?

2. I explained few times. Also I do not recall that this was promised. EOT.

3. Issue appeared in Chrome browser (BTW it was fixed in Chrome 63) so there is no fix for JomSocial as this is not our fault. Sooner or later you'll have to upgrade to 4.5... and 4.51 is near. Upgrade or stay with old version, just note that we won't provide exclusive fix for your outdated version. Customizations should be applied using overrides.

4. I need to know a bit more about this issue. I presume that someone wrote a chat message to you, send it but then deleted it. That's why you don't have any chat messages but notification lingers. This was fixed here:

But fix was for JomSocial 4.4.5... it may not work for your version.

- Instead of saying: 'it's not working', explain the problem in detail.
- Screenshots with the URL visible in them and the problem marked are more than welcome.
- Tell us how to replicate the problem, we can't fix it if we can't find it.
- Make sure that your site/server meets JomSocial System Requirements
- Make sure to setup JomSocial Cron Job
- Always provide us with access details to the backend and ftp. We need it to debug problems.
- If you have a similar problem, but a solution you found isn't working, open a new thread instead of 'merging' with an existing one.

- Use the "Thank You" feature on any post that helped you
5 years 9 months ago
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Manos Gryparis wrote: First of all reply only in numbers. Iam not supposed to play hide and seek with all the issues.

No Sir, you are not, and neither are we.
Therfore You will start a new thread for every single issue that you have so the conversation can be kept clean and easier to follow for all of us.

Now that we have this out our way, i want to point out few facts.
I've been with JomSocial since 2011, and leading the project since 2013. Since that time, all feature requests are going through me, and i alone have to review and approve them.
I can't recall that we ever promised how privacy breach of searching for real names when username is selected will be implemented. So please stop claiming things that are not true.

Moving on, we are not responsible for third-party issues that might occur while you use those third-party extension and as such, you must search support from respective third-party extension developer.
And finally, we are not responsible for your server issues, and we will NOT fix your server.

Most importantly, we'd expect more from people who get a free license from us.

- Don't say feature not working. Instead, explain what you tried and what was the outcome.
- When you think you found the bug, try to replicate it on a fresh Joomla.
- When looking for support always provide temporary Super Administrative access to your site. We will ask for it anyway.
- Help yourself and read documentation which can give you answers to almost all questions you may have
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