I am so disgusted as I purchased this template and it does not show my modules for joomla. If you use this template, you can not add additional modules to it. Waist of money! It over rides joomla.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear you are unhappy. But I must make it clear, this template is a direct port of the default JomSocial template. We do not remove any features (or module positions) from their template. We simply add a few features to their template and change some design elements. If your modules aren't showing it is not because of our template. Perhaps, the module isn't set to display on JomSocial pages. I can assure you that our template is an exact match as far as modules as JomSocial's default template. JomSocial templates in now way alter modules of the Joomla template. Those are completely separate from module positions in JomSocial templates. You can contact JomSocial support to verify that a JomSocial template is not capable of altering the module positions in the Joomla template.


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