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Great! - Must have! The best module map for JomSocial
This module is very functional and provides another level of interactiveness from my members.

Easy to install, easy to use.
The best module map for JomSocial!

Great Job team!

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Nice module.
Nice module with simple implementation. The best I have found.
Downloaded, installed, enabled module and setup City, Country, State and Google API Key...and it displayed all Avatar perfectly.

Good job...

The only thing I could suggest is adding searchable options in the map.

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Perfect fit and SUPERB support!
I installed this on my site and had little tweaks that I wanted. I am not a programmer so I didn't know how to do these little things like making the map default to satellite view etc... Support was fast and helped me do everything I wanted. What more can you ask for?

It does what they say and they offer support when you need it!

Keep up the good work!

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No support No documentation
I bought this module and I consider it a waste of my money. No (zero!) documentation. Emailed support and received no response back. I had to pay a developer $300 to fix the problems for me. I would never buy any software from this company again!
Owner's reply

dear sir, we offer all our support, we try to solve all problems, although in some cases do not depend on our module(for free).
The module also is easy to configure.


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Very nice, but
I would recommend this module if the avatars of members in the same town wouldn't pile all over the center of the town.
The map should use at least the street to position the avatar.
Owner's reply

if you use Field Address you can show user in their different position and not i a pile as you say.

Best Regards


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a perfect fit
We constantly get great feedback from our members on this component. It fills a big gap in JomSocial and is both flexible and attractive. Easy install, and Highly recommended. Can't wait to try the new 2.0 features which seem like a big improvement over an already valuable extension.

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Not working as advertised
I switched to this from phocamaps. I wish I had not.

1. It does not display members consistently.
2. The size of the avatars makes it difficult to see members.
3. Some members don't show up at all.

Waiting for a fix. Do not recommend at this time.
Owner's reply

As announced, we completed the new version 2.0 of JomSocial Member Map introducing some new options in the preferences of the module .

Now you can choose between three different sizes of the marker with the avatar (small, medium, large) or choose also the classic markers of google .

Another important upgrade improve the loading of all the markers by applying a delay between requests for geocoding.
This allows Google to load all the requests properly.


To further imposes restrictions of google see the official page:

Best Regards
Gotour WebSolution Team


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Not perfect - I don't recommend it
I added it on my website and it doesn't display all the members.
+ displays sometimes the wrong profile instead of the good one.
Wrote to the developper for a refund and I got this answer :
"It's strange, we have encountered this problem with maps at least 100 users.
Unfortunately google has a max limit of geocoding requests per day and We are working to resolve the problem to you soon.
Don't worry about releasing an update soon, and we'll keep you informed."

So I don't recommend this module... at 49,90 € !
Owner's reply

We noticed that sites with many users, Google does not process all information and it is necessary to apply a delay between the requests.

We have already found a solution for this problem and will release
a new version in this month with more news
and integration with 3d Party Products.

Will notify you when completed. Please, stay tuned.


French adresses
Got problem with French addresses, the map don't show, and i got some errors :
var mychannel undefined
var tooltipos undefined
and extra1, 2, 3 the same(empty in my config)

It Is JomSocial 2.4 Compatible
I bought this a week after JomSocial 2.4 came out, I forgot to check if it was compatible before buying it. It didn't work so I contacted support and I didn't hear anything for a little while (did include a weekend). The developers got back to me, logged into my Joomla and fixed the bug one evening. Great! I would recomend.

Good module but little to no help
The module was easy to set up and works well so far. There could be more options to disable some of the statistics and buttons in the bubble. I just edited the code but some people might not know how. The worst thing about the module is the lack of documentation. The only help I can find is these reviews. I can not comment on support yet but apparently they are not available on weekends. I am still waiting to hear back..I would rate the module itself a 4/5. Better help and a little more flexibility and its an easy 5/5.

Not that bad ...
Hi everybody,

I bought the Pro-Version ... I nearly woldn´t have, because of the lots of bad ratings. But in the actual version I can´t confirm them.

To start with the good things:
The Module (it´s a module, not a component!) works right "out of the box", really quick and good. I instantly got a Google-API-Key, put it in and ... woow! The Hover-Bubble for the Users looks really good, it has "Message"- and "Add-as-Friend"-Buttons beside the avatar ... very nice.

I quickly found two little bugs
- The "Auto-Center" does not work, so you should put your own latitude/longitude in the settings (easy)
- The "Latidude" and the "Longitude"-Fields are switched. So if you feel you can´t "center" the map, just try to switch the values. ;-)

I "only" gave the Module four stars because of some "advanced problems" in the map. This is an easy logic, but I would not call it "bugs", I personally would call it "missing features" and I hope for improvements in the next version.

-> The pulled Data only affects Country, State and Town. So you can´t use the Street for publishing the users on the Map.

That results in lots of users "on the same position" of the map. Whenever somebody is living "in the same city", he will be shown on exactly the same position like all other users of that city.

Unfortunately, they don´t "overlap". There is no chance to find somebody "behind". To be clear: You only see the user "on the top", but you don´t see all the users "behind" and you also can´t click them.

In my case for example, I got about 50 Users in Cologne, Germany. All 50 Markers are "stacked", but I can´t see any other as "the top one" and I also can´t click any other as "the top one".

Then, in the middle of germany I have one position with hundreds of users (on just one stack): All users, that did only put "Germany" in theire profile. They are all placed "in the middle of the country". Bad Idea ... this obviously is a wrong position for them.

My personal suggestions are:

- Differ the Marker for "multiple Users" and create a way to click on the users "behind". A good thing would be a "hover-field" which shows all users.

- Add the ability for more precise positioning. At least the street should be able to be set in the maps.

- Set an option for "hide inacurate positions". I would like to hide all users that have the field "city" empty. I would love the options "Hide Users with empty city" and "hide users with empty street".

Well ... this is a 50-Euro-Module, so it´s not the cheapest one. On the other side ... it works good. Having the three Features above solved I would give 5 Stars, that´s great. But on the other side ... the "overlapping"-Problem is a real big problems in the usability, the map doesn´t look as full as the user-database is ... this definitely should get solved.

In the moment you have to descide for yourself. When the trhee above problems are solved I would say "Buy it, it´s great". ;-)

All the best, Julian!

PS: Yes, an official Support-Request is comming. I just wanted to first post it here. ;-)

Would love to try it...
We are

We have recently purchased your Addon. Yet we can not download it; nor can we get any contact information.

We would love to receive contact from the developers.
Owner's reply

How can you say such things now when you're already using on your site on your home page?

It is clearly visible on your site

Some time ago you wrote it just to try to get a free upgrade of your free subscription to get the new version, saying that you had not downloaded.

We do not tolerate rip-off. We work !


No map

I installed the module "jomsocial member map pro",
I activated and indicated the google api key.

The Google Map doesn't load.

Could you help me?

Thank you.
Owner's reply

for support contact us by email

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