bywinxalot, June 4, 2010
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JomSocial Member Map
I switched to this from phocamaps. I wish I had not.

1. It does not display members consistently.
2. The size of the avatars makes it difficult to see members.
3. Some members don't show up at all.

Waiting for a fix. Do not recommend at this time.
Owner's reply

As announced, we completed the new version 2.0 of JomSocial Member Map introducing some new options in the preferences of the module .

Now you can choose between three different sizes of the marker with the avatar (small, medium, large) or choose also the classic markers of google .

Another important upgrade improve the loading of all the markers by applying a delay between requests for geocoding.
This allows Google to load all the requests properly.


To further imposes restrictions of google see the official page:

Best Regards
Gotour WebSolution Team

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