byguesswaq, May 21, 2010
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JomSocial Member Map
I added it on my website and it doesn't display all the members.
+ displays sometimes the wrong profile instead of the good one.
Wrote to the developper for a refund and I got this answer :
"It's strange, we have encountered this problem with maps at least 100 users.
Unfortunately google has a max limit of geocoding requests per day and We are working to resolve the problem to you soon.
Don't worry about releasing an update soon, and we'll keep you informed."

So I don't recommend this module... at 49,90 € !
Owner's reply

We noticed that sites with many users, Google does not process all information and it is necessary to apply a delay between the requests.

We have already found a solution for this problem and will release
a new version in this month with more news
and integration with 3d Party Products.

Will notify you when completed. Please, stay tuned.

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