Bug Fixes

    Bug fixFix missing toolbar icon on member search view

    Bug fixNeed confirm before changing tab on postbox if status tab has content

    Bug fixUpdate fb login button to new api

    Bug fixFix could not delete page category on Joomla 4

    Bug fixFix feed filter by hash tag broken

    Bug fixFix member filter bar issue

    Bug fixFix create recurring event error on Joomla 4

    Bug fixMissing Language values in application

    Bug fixUploading multiple photos freez the postox

    Bug fixEnable My Article Plugin put site down

    Bug fixReport a page option missing Lanuage value

    Bug fixMore compatible with php 8.0

    Bug fixUndefined Error on Reporting a User Profile

    Bug fixMore improvements and enchaned

    Bug fixStyle fixes in the main stream posts

    Bug fixFix incorrectly save location value with unicode value

    Bug fixMissing Language values in core JS modules with J4

    Bug fixAppy time format 12h/24h to event and poll composer on postbox

    Bug fixRemove border from poxtbox when write Text

    Bug fixAdd link review pending invitation to email that send to admin

    Bug fixChange Cover image option not working

    Bug fixFix backend notification dropdown not work on Joomla 4



    Bug fixCustom profile alias not working in URL

    Bug fixFix tab issue in backend theme designer

    Bug fixSynch issue with s3 storage to change cover pics

    Bug fixWall stream security issue prevent someone can edit other's feed, even he's not super user

    Bug fixBadge change issue on jomsocial backend

    Bug fixError to migrate content from Easysocial to Jomsocial

    Bug fixTranslation fix on frontend polls for select category

    Bug fixplupload.flash.swf removed as security CVE-2016-4566

    Bug fixcould not upload avatar at register a new user

    Bug fixVideo filter bar doesn't work right on video page frontend



    ImprovementPHP 8 ready

    ImprovementGoogle captcha V3 support.

Bug Fixes

Bug FixGroup discussions preview not showing on main activity.

Bug FixInbox error: Inbox showing error once user left conversation and other user tried to send message.

Bug FixTwitch Videos : JomSocial supports twitch videos, as Twitch has changed the videos linking was not working. Now you can add the Twitch API key in JomSocial >> Configurations > Integration > Twitch > Add API key and enjoy Twitch videos on JomSocial wall stream.

Bug FixCan not see Feeling icon on stream when we use background on postbox issue is fixed.

Bug FixLocation error : Show location on wall stream item error fixed.

Bug FixMap option with background post issue is fixed, Now you can add the location with a colorful background status.

Bug FixError style with emoji : When adding characters from keyboard emoji were small issues fixed.

Bug FixRemove Mood option: When remove moods from a wall steam item the option still shows remove mood issue fixed

Bug FixCan't post video: If the video was already on JomSocial it shows the video already linked error. This issue is fixed and users can post the videos.

Bug FixUpdate alt text for camera icon in post box fixed.

Bug FixShow message in Polls when select datetime smaller than current datetime.

Bug FixFeatured Video filter not working to show featured video on the top in wall stream issue fixed.

Bug FixVideo sorting not working on members profile pages.

Bug FixFacebook videos linking on postbox are fixed.

Bug FixAuto Refresh of new stream items on wall steam not not showing.

Bug FixVideo map location : Add a location on Video giving map error when click.

Bug FixYouTube Videos: Sometimes title and details of video not fetched by postbox issue fixed with option to add YouTube API key in JomSocial > Integration > YouTube API. Add your API key and it always works fine. If there is no API key added JS will use native method to fetch the information.

Bug FixEmotions show wrong in comments : Thumbs Up emoji in comments show the wrong display issue is fixed.

Bug FixSort files in Descending order in Group bulletin : The order is set to descending now.

Bug FixChange Cover size issue : Change Frontpage cover issue and all other pages cover size problem is fixed.

Bug FixApostrophes displayed in emoji when posting on wall streams .



    ImprovementJoomla 3.10 compatible

    ImprovementJoomla 4 compatible


Bug Fixes

Bug FixXSS (Cross Site Scripting) security issue fixed

Bug FixGoogle Map not loading on postbox

Bug FixImproved photo upload thumnail in postbox

Bug FixCan't send message button conflict.

Bug FixSerialization of 'JXMLElement' is not allowed error

Bug FixJomSocial - Amazon S3: upload meta data changed

Bug FixDisplay emoji icon on postbox after select icon from board

Bug FixUpdate new emoji board on postbox for style

Bug FixEmoji selection box disappear after selected emoji

Bug FixCan't display emoji when typing characters from the keyboard

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