Change Log

A changelog is a log of all notable changes made to a JomSocial.



  • PHP 8 ready
  • Google captcha V3 support.

Bug Fixes

  • Group discussions preview not showing on main activity.
  • Inbox error: Inbox showing error once user left conversation and other user tried to send message.
  • Twitch Videos : JomSocial supports twitch videos, as Twitch has changed the videos linking was not working. Now you can add the Twitch API key in JomSocial >> Configurations > Integration > Twitch > Add API key and enjoy Twitch videos on JomSocial wall stream.
  • Can not see Feeling icon on stream when we use background on postbox issue is fixed.
  • Location error : Show location on wall stream item error fixed.
  • Map option with background post issue is fixed, Now you can add the location with a colorful background status.
  • Error style with emoji : When adding characters from keyboard emoji were small issues fixed.
  • Remove Mood option: When remove moods from a wall steam item the option still shows remove mood issue fixed
  • Can't post video: If the video was already on JomSocial it shows the video already linked error. This issue is fixed and users can post the videos.
  • Update alt text for camera icon in post box fixed.
  • Show message in Polls when select datetime smaller than current datetime.
  • Featured Video filter not working to show featured video on the top in wall stream issue fixed.
  • Video sorting not working on members profile pages.
  • Facebook videos linking on postbox are fixed.
  • Auto Refresh of new stream items on wall steam not not showing.
  • Video map location : Add a location on Video giving map error when click.
  • YouTube Videos: Sometimes title and details of video not fetched by postbox issue fixed with option to add YouTube API key in JomSocial > Integration > YouTube API. Add your API key and it always works fine. If there is no API key added JS will use native method to fetch the information.
  • Emotions show wrong in comments : Thumbs Up emoji in comments show the wrong display issue is fixed.
  • Sort files in Descending order in Group bulletin : The order is set to descending now.
  • Change Cover size issue : Change Frontpage cover issue and all other pages cover size problem is fixed.
  • Apostrophes displayed in emoji when posting on wall streams .

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