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User Reviews - Tigra for JomSocial 3.2.1

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simply the best !!!
Hi there, i'm using TIGRA for JomSocial and TIGRA for Kunena Forum... For me, that's the best template i never seen for JomSocial, the support is VERY FAST and GREAT, the installation very easy, well documented, and there is so many options in the backend... Tigra is really the best template in the market, very low price, and the mobile version is crazy ! YOU CANNOT have JomSocial without TIGRA !!! I have 10000% satisfaction ! www.yannanderson.com

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Customer service is great!
very happy with template but even happier with how responsive customer service. there a guy called Marcus that made all the difference. he took his time to put all in place and actually fixed errors i had on my site that had nothing to do with template. I insisted on paying them extra for the time but the refused and told me not to hesitate if i encounter any problems. thanks

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compatibility leaves something to be desired.
after a comparability test it does work and condense the site down to mobile viewing sizes but the site doesn't quite fit.
the use of space is poor and the menu on the android phone only showed a portion of the options. It also jumped up and down when scrolling.
it works but its unpolished and choppy. Its its very important you have mobile compatibility then I wouldn't choose this product. If your not fussed then go for it!
Owner's reply

It's actually unrealistic to expect one product to satisfy everyone's design taste. Some people like the spaciousness, some don't and call it "poor use of space" - while in this case, it can all be tweaked via interface just by entering your default template's suffix for no padding and problem solved.
Jumping up and down happens to all sites if you start scrolling before the page loads.
All in all, each site needs a personal touch, and none of the components, let alone component overrides are out of the box solutions. Which is why we help all of our clients achieve the closest look to what they have envisioned.
Bottom line, tastes are different - in life and in web design. if someone says Monica Bellucci isn't beautiful, I guess I could understand that - but would leave me very puzzled :)


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All I can say is that the authors are very generous; I purchased the growl package and could not find the download ID in any email; I emailed support and within 2 hours (i wasn't timing but it was that quick, maybe quicker) they replied. I was pretty sure that it was due to my inexperience that I couldn't find the download ID, however, my package was upgraded to the roar package so I can only assume that it wasn't my fault and by way of compensation, they upgraded me. Makes a really nice change for a dev to not argue over silly things and do something like that. Definitely a 5 star from me and I would definitely recommend them!!! PS: The templates are sweet! flexible!!

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No answer since 4 days!
They changed the download site from eucso.info to tigracon.com but I cannot download the product from there. We have changed our eMail adress, so we asked the developer to give us access or / and change the eMail adress, but since four days - no reaction!

They write on their Terms of Service: "During our general support hours Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT+1), we will make every effort to respond to your queries within 12 – 24 hours if not sooner."

In my mind: Very unprofessional!

Stay away!!!! This company left Jomsocial to create a product called "iconnect" They ran off with everyone's money providing zero support. They may have went out of business leaving customers in the dark and no way to contact them. Website is permanently down and server offline since Feb. 2016

A great surprise
I will write it here as I have wrote in a number of places before since I do believe it is important to let others know about the experience I've had with Tigra for JS. I have been using Tigra for a year now. I cannot say enough about it to make it justice. Tigra is a great addition to my site and makes my community that more interesting. The cooperation between JomSocial and Tigra is perfect and makes my users stay and interact. So much so that when I changed JS versions and was without Tigra for a couple of days I had so many complaints I could not believe it.
They are also every site owners wish - they provide free installation and set up and any question you might have will be answered. I should know, I had many. I would and do recommend it. Have in mind that I am not a developer and they made it all so easy for me and for a good price.

Strange behaviour
I paid 99 euros for their club subscription and still waiting for activation!
It is almost an hour and no response for anyone!
No activation links, just nothing!

That happened for the first time in my life, using subscriptions for joomla components!

Extremely happy
I have found Tigra on this site and Joomla and have gone through the reviews and they helped a lot, so I'm writing a piece of my mind here. Tigra does exactly what it says and is easy to use, great design possibilities and customer service that helped me not only install it but helped me work out other problems I had with certain plug ins not related to Tigra. They were prompt. They do have this rule with customer service, during the period of new releases the support gets slower but I found it worth the wait. for me they line up with the best supporting JomSocial components and I love JomSocial. My firm has been using it for some time now in our work and wouldn't go without it and adding Tigra to it makes it that better. Thank you.

The best so far
I have found that there are many templates but finding Tigra gave me a special edge. You can use JomSocial with Tigra for many sites and give every one a custom look. They do not all look the same. And it makes it all so easy to use.

Above and Beyond *****
This phrase seems to be the common thread here. This is by far the best and fastest implementation for a great theme and mobile Jomsocial solution. It has saved me countless hours of updating hacks and template overrides every time I jump into a new Jomsocial version.

As if the product wasn't awesome enough, the service that came with it was exceptional. The few concerns I had were quickly handled and resolved. This is a top notch product and the customer service is well worth the price paid for it. I've paid more for (square peg in round hole) solutions that don't offer the features of Tigra or look as nice.

it looks very nice but the support is very bad

Excellent support!
Couldn't be happier with their support. Great template, and fast support with a minor issue we had. Worth the money!

Thank you, thank you, thank you
All I can say is thanks for this unbelievably helpful and time-saving addon. For me as a developer it saves sooooo much time creating new community styles. It's been a joy discovering all options tigra has to offer.

And not to forget crazy helpful support staf that goes far and beyond my expectations.

Two really high thumbs up for tigra and tigra team.

Probley The Best service ive ever had
www.tigracon.com i would highly recommend to any jomsocial user there customer service is ourstanding!! i had a problem and they were on the spot straight away to sort it out . Marco the admin that delt with me was a total gentleman from start to finish excellent customer service. tigra has got to be one of the top jomsocial templates if not the best there are limitless functions and the design quility is like HD on your screen. A total must have for jomsocial Users. I will be a future customer dont take my word for it take a look at there demo there amazing !!!!

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