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Tigra for JomSocial 3.2.1


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compatibility leaves something to be desired.
after a comparability test it does work and condense the site down to mobile viewing sizes but the site doesn't quite fit.
the use of space is poor and the menu on the android phone only showed a portion of the options. It also jumped up and down when scrolling.
it works but its unpolished and choppy. Its its very important you have mobile compatibility then I wouldn't choose this product. If your not fussed then go for it!
Owner's reply

It's actually unrealistic to expect one product to satisfy everyone's design taste. Some people like the spaciousness, some don't and call it "poor use of space" - while in this case, it can all be tweaked via interface just by entering your default template's suffix for no padding and problem solved.
Jumping up and down happens to all sites if you start scrolling before the page loads.
All in all, each site needs a personal touch, and none of the components, let alone component overrides are out of the box solutions. Which is why we help all of our clients achieve the closest look to what they have envisioned.
Bottom line, tastes are different - in life and in web design. if someone says Monica Bellucci isn't beautiful, I guess I could understand that - but would leave me very puzzled :)

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