bywhats-this, June 18, 2012
RPX/Janrain Login - Social Sign In
I ordered this about 2 years ago. Had some trouble but received help and worked great after. I do think the price went up since then though but not a lot, just by a few dollars. Would be nice if there were more option but eh works good for the price. It should still be under 10 Euro. Overall, does what I wanted, but might look for some other social sign in later with more option, but for now I'm staying with this and may change at all.
bywhats-this, February 1, 2012
JomSocial Search Pack
Please make this for Joomla 1.5 also :(
Owner's reply

You can find all these plugins in JED separately. There were no 1.6+ version - this is why I volunteered.

bywhats-this, January 16, 2012
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JF Chrome - JomSocial Template
I hate when people complain about products anywhere without even trying to ask for help. Anyway, this and other templates by them is beautiful and I normally do not say things like that about templates. It's hard to find a really good template that can really get your site looking very professional. One of the best templates out there..well done.

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