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absolute crap
this is the worst waist of your money and time, nothing loads properly, nothing works and will cost you to pull your hair out.
Save your money and nerves...
Owner's reply

hi there,
sorry, but i think you haven't read documentation. If there nothing works, why you don't request support on our forum?


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Beautifully done.
I hate when people complain about products anywhere without even trying to ask for help. Anyway, this and other templates by them is beautiful and I normally do not say things like that about templates. It's hard to find a really good template that can really get your site looking very professional. One of the best templates out there..well done.

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I bought this template and had no assistance to get it up and running. The forum is whack. There simply is no help with this template not even from the person who made it. Do yourself a favor and save your money. They have nightmarish service and offer no refund nor assistance with anything.
Owner's reply

hi there,

can you indicate to us exactly where on our forum we haven't answered you?

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