byaiminisme, April 17, 2010
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SIMGallery is one of those extensions that, upon using, simply "WOW"s you. It is so packed with features that it's really difficult to review it properly!

There are many things I just LOVE about the component. From the tagging feature (that is wayyyy better than JomSocial's) to the VERY intuitive photo browsing. My users are REALLY impressed with the profile picture management, especially the part where you can simply use your webcam to take a photo and upload it immediately. Allowing users to upload multiple profile pictures to choose from, and the ability to select any photo to become their profile photo is also very useful. In fact, they even thought that I somehow got the script from Facebook! (SIMGallery *really* works exactly like Facebook)

When I first got the component, I had some troubles with javascript conflicts (I'm a web newbie!) but Mike was really responsive and the support was just fantastic!

I really recommend everyone to take a look at the demo on his site, and be prepared to be amazed. Can't wait for the next version and see what new goodies there will be!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

byaiminisme, March 31, 2010
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I've been using ParaInvite and the Pro addon for a while now, and I have to say I can't disagree more to peter_pan's review. I have tried another invites sender and I really regretted not starting with ParaInvite.

In my opinion, what really set ParaInvite apart is the ability for users to manage and resend invites. The other invite components don't have this. You find users sending out invites and forgetting about it.

ParaInvite also automatically add the invited user as a friend of the inviter. I also couldn't find this feature on any other invite components.

What *REALLY* (and I simply cannot stress this enough) increased my site's membership a thousandfold, is the badges feature. I run a fashion blogshop, and with the badges feature, my customers can place their own badges on their own blogs, inviting their own readers to come to my site. I can even have a mini-contest to see who invited more users using badges. With badges, there is no email or facebook spam, which makes it MUCH more effective!

The invites management and badges features have literally helped my site jumpstarted in terms of membership. If you look at my google analytics account, it's like the moment I installed ParaInvite, a few days later, and BOOM!

I also have SIMBunch's SIMGallery installed on another site. That is one gallery that is designed to blow off anyone's mind!!! Maybe I'll write a simgallery review when I have the time :)

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