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Missing string for female friend(s) in french language

5 years 1 month ago
JomSocial Active AdAgency Expired

Hi, i'd like to report some missing case in the language file :
So in french we make some disctinction for the word "friend" when the person is a male or female:

- When the person is a male friend should be written as "ami"
- in singular case, we write "amie" for a female (she's your friend are written "elle est votre amie")
- In plural case, If one of them are a male (one girl and one man) we write "amis" if two of them are female, we write "amies"

So in the following strings, there are no case for female friends :

COM_COMMUNITY_ACTIVITY_FRIENDS_NOW="{actor} et {target} sont maintenant amis." ; It should return "sont maintenant amies" if there are 2 girls
COM_COMMUNITY_FRIEND_REQUEST_APPROVED="Vous êtes à présent amis avec {friend}." ; "amies" when 2 girls
COM_COMMUNITY_ADD_USER_AS_FRIEND="Ajouter %1$s comme ami" ; "amie" if she's a girl


5 years 1 month ago


Thank you for contacting us.
Well, this is Joomla! limitation. Joomla! uses ini files that can't provide correct flexion... also everything bases on English when word "Friend" is not sex dependent.
I'm sorry but we can't do anything about it.

- Instead of saying: 'it's not working', explain the problem in detail.
- Screenshots with the URL visible in them and the problem marked are more than welcome.
- Tell us how to replicate the problem, we can't fix it if we can't find it.
- Make sure that your site/server meets JomSocial System Requirements
- Make sure to setup JomSocial Cron Job
- Always provide us with access details to the backend and ftp. We need it to debug problems.
- If you have a similar problem, but a solution you found isn't working, open a new thread instead of 'merging' with an existing one.

- Use the "Thank You" feature on any post that helped you
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