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Add Users To Groups via SQL Query

8 years 6 months ago
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This is for Michal

I am looking for a SQL query that will go through each users record and add them to a given JS group number if they are not currently a member.

The idea is to have one user group on JomSocial that has everyone in it. I already have a plugin that is auto-joining new users into given groups. I just need to go back and get about 4,000 other users moved into certain groups.

Many thanks!!

8 years 6 months ago

Hi, Craig.

Make a safe copy of your DB first!!

Please run this query in db:

UPDATE `your_database_name`.`prefix_community_users` SET `groups` = CASE WHEN `groups` = '' THEN '12' ELSE CONCAT(groups, ',12') END

your_database_name - replace with your db name
prefix - replace with your db tables prefix
12 - replace with your group ID

What this query does?

Updates data in column "groups" in table "prefix_community_users" in "your_database_name" database. It contains a condition: when cell in "groups" column is empty add just a number, but if there are already other numbers adds number with comma.

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