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People browse: Display user's Last Login date

2 years 5 months ago
JomSocial Active

Hello. Users ask me:

"I like to use advantage search for searching girls from my city, but... 90% of them (in serach results) was logged 5 years ago. So there is no reason to chat with them (seems they will not back to site). Please, make filter to sort results users by Last Login date."

We allready use custom code to display "LastLogin date" at profile page (at "About Me" tab)

but it not enougt - user spend a lot of time time to check it during advantage search.

Can you please discuss improvement to make filter "Last Login" there?

Or may be you can give a hint how to display LastLogin date in "All Members" page (people.browse.php)?

I used <?php echo $lastLogin; ?> in place where need to display date.
But can't get properly date. I used codes from:
but didn't get succes.


Sorry for my English
2 years 5 months ago
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For adding last login filter we cant help you, because its too tricky.. but for show the last login here is the complete code

                        $lastLogin = JText::_('COM_COMMUNITY_PROFILE_NEVER_LOGGED_IN');
                        if ($row->lastvisitDate != '0000-00-00 00:00:00') {
                            //$now = JFactory::getDate();
                            $userLastLogin = new JDate($row->lastvisitDate);
                            //CFactory::load( 'libraries' , 'activities');
                            $lastLogin = CActivityStream::_createdLapse($userLastLogin);
                        echo $lastLogin;

thank you!

2 years 1 month ago
JomSocial Active

Can you please discuss improvement to make filter "Last Login" there? Thanks.

Sorry for my English
2 years 1 month ago
JomSocial Active GURU Active Publisher Active AdAgency Active iSEO Active Socialize Active

It was discussed before its tricky to make filer on login as there are not accurate results with this.
This is why it called as tricky and took a lot time to develop. You can apply the suggestion given by a support team in this thread.
It can be considered if there is a huge demand to add this filter by other users as well.


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