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Newbie ChatSocial, JomSocial stability and addons?

6 years 3 months ago

Hi we are thinking of using JomSocial as a platform to launch a website. Based on some of the comments we are nervous about the stability of JomSocial. Can anyone comment on. Are there things JomSocial does not do well that we need to stay away from to keep it stable?

We are looking at using JChatSocial since it seems to be rated well.. Does anyone have experience? Or recommend another chat function that has multiple rooms and user friendly on mobile?

We are not php or html5 coders. More on the design side and want to get a site up and going. We have looked at Thephpfactories Love Factory and it seem to meet most of our requirements. But it is limited with add ons. Does anyone know the product and why we should use JomSocial rather than Love Factory??? Pre sales support with the Love Factory was not good.

We would like to eventually use a few of the add ons listed for JomSocial . Do add ons take away from stability?

Also looking at integrating phpBB. Is this easy or is there a real good JomSocial addon?

Many thanks for and any help.


6 years 3 months ago
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I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Love Factory, but Jomsocial is around for way longer from what I can see on their site. We have more features and templates to chose from. For stability I heard no complaints and I'm monitoring forum regularly, so would have seen anything being reported. Anyway if You will have any problems, just let us know and we will be happy to help.

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