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Suggestion: Allow user to change linked video source

5 years 7 months ago
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1) user add linked video (from YouTube)
3) video get lots of hits, comments and become featured
4) video deleted on YouTube
Result: video is not available on JS site too. But we don't want to delete it because it's too popular.

Suggestion: can you please add option to frontend (or backend) to allow super user and video's author to change video URL to another? Without editing database.


Sorry for my English
5 years 7 months ago

HI, Dmitry.

Thank you for contacting us.
YT video is actually an URL... changing URL (actually video ID) you provide totally new video... even if it has the same content.
Allowing what you request open fields for abuses... so no, we rather won't add this.
Situation like described should be treated as exception not as a rule, so it should be changed in db directly.

- Instead of saying: 'it's not working', explain the problem in detail.
- Screenshots with the URL visible in them and the problem marked are more than welcome.
- Tell us how to replicate the problem, we can't fix it if we can't find it.
- Make sure that your site/server meets JomSocial System Requirements
- Make sure to setup JomSocial Cron Job
- Always provide us with access details to the backend and ftp. We need it to debug problems.
- If you have a similar problem, but a solution you found isn't working, open a new thread instead of 'merging' with an existing one.

- Use the "Thank You" feature on any post that helped you
4 years 11 months ago
JomSocial Active

Hello. Easysocial all to do it. When user edit video, he can re'change link.
Can you please do the same for JS? Thanks.

Sorry for my English
4 years 11 months ago
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If a video is popular on your site and you will change the link of the video with another video link.
It will look a fake hit on that video as the hits were only for that video. Editing is good but replaces a popular video does not make sense. Currently, you can be changed the video link via database only.


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