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jomsocial members search engine

5 years 4 weeks ago
JomSocial Active

Dear all,

I would like to display Jomsocial users on a map, by filtering them beforehand.
Let's take the following example : every JomSocial users would have the following field (checkbox or radio field) "Human : YES or NO"
I want to filter users having the "Human" field set to "YES" only.

Is there any search engine ? or map module ? or anything else allowing you to do that ?

Thank you.

5 years 4 weeks ago
JomSocial Active

There is MembersMap module (JS Members Map in Addons, look at My Account - Download section). It displays users on map with location field(s) as parameters.
It does not support custom user profile fields, but in:
there is line 131 in which starts function:
private function getUsers($userid, $limit, $friendsOnly)
and there is on line 160 loop

foreach( $members as $friendId )
that needs to be changed to exclude users that don't have desired custom field value.
If you don't feel comfortable doing this please don't make changes on "live"/production server.
To retrieve specific custom field value from user in that foreach loop use:
All this is untested so please use at your own risk.

5 years 4 weeks ago
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Hi loic,

You can use Jomsocial Members map module, on current code you only can filter the members on map by friends only or all users.
If you wanna add more filter on map you need hack the code for it.

Another question regarding search engine, we have it by default, you can filter user more advance with it, but on that adv. search, you dont have options to show map.

thank you!

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